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Do you have the necessary skills to create such a map? Do you know the orientation of a map is the relationship between which two factors? Take the online map quizzes and test yourself on the indispensable tool for navigation.
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Maps are a good way in which we can learn to know what exists outside our geographical zones. A map, therefore, is an abstraction of reality and the cartographer chooses information essential to fill the purpose of the map. If...

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    Longitude is

Welcome to Trivia Question on Different Types Of Map! Maps have been used for a long time and have been a great help for explorers. Currently, thanks to how technology has advanced, one does not have to carry a big piece of paper...

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For each question below, check 'True' or 'False' in the box to indicate your answer.

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    A mind map is a network of connected and related concepts or ideas connected to any other developed through free-form spontaneous thinking.

This tests your ability to give six figure grid references.

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This quiz tests your knowledge on simple map symbols that I have given you in the scene before!

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    What symbol is a side view of a tent and has a box around it?

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Map Questions & Answers

What are the five elements of a map?
The five basic elements of a map are listed below: 1. Map Heading or Title: this is a section that is usually found at the top of your map, and probably boldly written. The title of the map tells you exactly what the map is trying to describe. 2. M
What is the science of making maps?
A map can be defined as the graphical representation of a place. Cartography is the arts and science of making maps, which includes analyzing the history of a map. Maps are majorly divided into: General cartography which involves the map that is cre
How many hemisphere is earth divided into?
Four hemispheres The Earth is divided into four hemispheres. These hemispheres are Northern, Southern, Western, and Western hemispheres. Note that there are no physical landmarks that divide the earth into these hemispheres. The imaginary line known
What is the best beach located in the Atlantic Ocean?
Florida‘s Miami South Beach is a massive, well tended strip just off the funkiest part of Miami, so it’s loaded with flash folk, facilities and access to nice bars and restaurants. Souas a much more beach-suitable climate than the East Co
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