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  • What does a map scale show?
    What does a map scale show?
    The map scale will show letter A. It has the ability to show the actual distance and the distance that can be seen in a map. The concept to this may be simple but it should be remembered that measuring the actual distance is a bit complicated mainly because the Earth is a bit curved. In order to find the map scale, you can usually find this on the outer area of the map. If you still find this a bit hard to find, look for the legend of the map or the map’s key. This will state different information that will make your map easier to understand. It is recommended that kids will already be taught how to read even the basics of the map. This is one skill that they can still use in the long run.

  • Which is the most suitable option here? The earth is divided into ___________ hemispheres.
    Which is the most suitable option here? The earth is divided into ___________ hemispheres.
    The earth is divided into four halves; northern southern eastern and western hemispheres

  • What sea opens out into the Gulf of Aden at the Strait of Hormuz?
    What sea opens out into the Gulf of Aden at the Strait of Hormuz?
    The Red Sea joins the Gulf of Aden at the Bab al-Mandab strait. The Strait of Hormuz joins the Persian Gulf to the Gulf of Oman.

  • Which country is presented on the map?
    Which country is presented on the map?
    This question does not make any sense at ALL, so why? tell me why turkey?

  • What is the difference between HashMap and HashSet?
    What is the difference between HashMap and HashSet?
    HashMap and HashSet are often used in computer languages and programming. The HashMap uses a hash code to map out the elements included in the interface. HashSet includes a hash table. The main difference is how the data is ordered, whether it is in a table like it is in the HashSet or on a map like it is in the HashMap. HashMap is used more commonly and often than the HashSet. HashSet stores the information in the hash table. When concerning the null values, HashSet only permits the one null value. Even though the HashMap only permits the one null key, it permits as many null values as you want. HashMap can have duplicate values, but HashSet can’t.

  • What is this map projection best for?
    What is this map projection best for?
    Seeing the true size and shape of the continents, because it is not distorted.This map is not distorted - it is INTERRUPTED. That makes it bad for looking at oceans, distances, and Antarctica, but it shows the continents shapes and sizes well.

  • What makes Google Maps superior to Apple Maps?
    What makes Google Maps superior to Apple Maps?
    Google maps use some very meticulous mapping strategies to make sure their maps are as detailed as possible. Google is aware that their maps are widely used in the United States. Google maps are a major source of revenue for Google so they invest a lot of money in technology to get the most accurate maps possible. Apple on the other hand, is not as concerned with their map technologies because most of their revenue is generated from other sources.

  • What are some amazing maps?
    What are some amazing maps?
    This answer to this question really depends on what kind of maps you are interested in. In my opinion, some of the most interesting and amazing maps are old maps that use primitive technology to create impressive depictions of cities and towns. If you compare old maps of cities to some of the newer maps, you can see how streets have changed over time. You can even see how some old carriage roads have been transformed into major avenues.

  • What is longitude?
    What is longitude?
    Imaginary lines called meridians that measure distances East and West of the Prime Meridian

  • What are the five elements of a map?
    What are the five elements of a map?
    The five essential elements of a map are a compass, legend, the title, an inset map, and a scale. These are important because these five things help explain the information on the map. Elements of a map are the term used to describe the various bits of information provided on a map, generally in the margins, which helps establish how much space will be equal to a set distance and is often seen at the bottom of the map. Keys are also commonly seen on maps. This feature includes all symbols and lines as well as their meaning.

  • What are the three states of Matter?
    What are the three states of Matter?
    Solid, Liquid, Gas

  • What is the best beach located in the Atlantic Ocean?
    What is the best beach located in the Atlantic Ocean?
    Florida‘s Miami South Beach is a massive, well tended strip just off the funkiest part of Miami, so it’s loaded with flash folk, facilities and access to nice bars and restaurants. Souas a much more beach-suitable climate than the East Coast’s more northerly Atlantic Ocean beaches such as Atlantic City, though that large stretch of sand backed by the famous Boardwalk works well in mid-summer. The weather is generally good, apart from the periodically storm coming up diring aummer, but the sea is chilly, particularly December-March. The weather is however usually at its best around November-May.

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