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  • What does location mean?
    What does location mean?
    When someone says location, they could mean a variety of definitions. The term “location” is used to mean different things. Therefore, the true definition may be difficult to describe. However, when speaking in geographical terms, a location is an area that was settled and people lived. Usually a location is known exactly where it is. An absolute location may have an address instead of general directions. When someone describes a general area, this is a relative location. A location must include staying put instead of traveling through an area. The people must stay at the area in order for it to be considered a location. An example of a location may use latitude and longitude degrees to explain the exact point of the location.

  • Who is at the airport to pick up Daisy on her first day?
    Who is at the airport to pick up Daisy on her first day?
    Um no it's not... it's Isaac... tom holland? She sees Edmond when they drive past him on the way to the house. ūüė¨

  • Which of the¬†following is not an example of a change in¬†relative location?
    Which of the following is not an example of a change in relative location?
    Relative location is basically the area where a certain person or thing resides. As it is moved around, there is a change. It could be due to a number of reasons. An example of a change in relative location is people moving inland due to a contagious disease. They do this to prevent spread and protect themselves as well as others. In some cases, such as this one the process is important in order to isolate and contain the damaging agent. This works for the greater good. Other things that can be an example include objects such as containers or entire buildings that are shifted, resulting in a change in relative location.

  • What is your preferred honeymoon environment?
    What is your preferred honeymoon environment?

  • How can I locate my lost phone?
    How can I locate my lost phone?
    There are a few tips and tricks to finding where ou lost your phone. If you suspect that you tablet, laptop or phone has been stolen, you should contact the police and your phone carrier. If you cannot get the device back, you should make sure to secure your private information immediately. If it has just been lost, try to call your phone from someone else's phone. If you have programs like Skype installed on a tablet or computer, you can try calling that too from another phone or computer as long as you are signed in on the device. If it has been stolen, you will need to change the passwords to any social media or bank that is installed on your phone. Also consider changing your password for your Google accounts. Google Account password. You may want to install a passcode on your phone in the future which isn't completely secure but will stall the person trying to access your private information and give you time to change any sensitive data.

  • How can positive and negative factors affect where people live?
    How can positive and negative factors affect where people live?
    It can affect because,they are important.