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Thinking of location as just the important feature we look for when buying a house, think more. Location is a social science term used in the field of Geography that refers to a point or area on the Earth’s surface. Take the online location quizzes to learn about the absolute location, relative location, and much more.

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In The Hunger Games franchise, the world their characters live in is split into districts. Katniss Everdeen is a member of District 12, for example. Which district would you be a member of in the series? Find out now.

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    What words describe you best. (You may choose up to 6)

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This is for new and potential members making their first character on the site.  This quiz can help you develop some of the background for your character and gives you what we think is the most likely status for them -...

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Quiz yourself on where in the world you're supposed to live!

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    How big and smelly do you like your cities?

A city is a large and permanent human settlement.Although there is no agreement on how a city is distinguished from a town in general English language meanings, many cities have a particular administrative, legal, or historical...

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    Which school do you want to enter?

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Location Questions & Answers

Which of the following is not an example of a change in relative location?
Relative location is basically the area where a certain person or thing resides. As it is moved around, there is a change. It could be due to a number of reasons. An example of a change in relative location is people moving inland due to a contagious
What is the difference between Location and Place?
Some people may think that location and place are completely the same but there may be some differences that you should know. When you say location, this means that you are referring to a particular place or a physical space. For example, when you sa