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Measurement Questions & Answers

What is the volume of the sphere? A sphere was dropped into water in a graduated cylinder as shown.
This may look complicated because the volume of the sphere is shown as more than ten and less than twenty ml but using width also. In fact the question is simple because the volume of water the sphere displaces pushes up the level of water in the tub
If the measurements are in cm the area of the triangle is _______
91 because I said so, this needs atleast 10 words
What is the total mass? The diagram below represents a portion of a triple-beam balance.
The correct answer is option C From this triple beam balance we can determine what the scale represents. The first beam balance shows a scale of 500. The second beam balance shows a figure of 40g The third beam balance shows a figure of 5.2g The tot
What is the reading shown in the diagram below?
Gano demo buleh 5.81? kawe dok pehe boh dsqw