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What is the most popular system of measurement among industrialized countries? Not customary, but metric. In fact, the United States is the only industrialized system that has not named the metric system as its official unit of measurement. However, it is widely used in scientific measurements.
The metric system includes meters, liters, and grams to measure length, liquid, and weight, respectively. These units increase and decrease in even, predictable increments, such as centimeters, dekaliters, and milligrams. In fact, you can even move the decimal place of the units using mnemonics, such as King Henry Doesn’t Mind Drinking Chocolate Milk. How good are you at using the metric system? Can you convert your centimeters to millimeters? Measure up with these quizzes on the metric system.
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The metric system is an alternative system of measurement used in most countries. The metric system uses three basic units from which all others are calculated, and this is grams for weight, meters for length, and seconds for...

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    True or False: The metric volume of a liquid is measured in Liters. 

This is a system of measurement quiz about the metric system. Units can be described in many forms, and this is why there is a metric system. Have you been having a difficult time trying to understand the metric system? If so,...

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    What is the unit of measure for mass?

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    It would make sense to measure your desk using : 

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    What is the base unit for measuring distance in the metric system?

Test your understanding of the metric system.

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    Which shows the metric prefixes in order from smallest to largest?                

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Metric System Questions & Answers

What unit is used to measure mass?
The answer to this question is grams. The unit used to measure mass is grams, specifically kilograms. The kilogram can also be converted into pounds but pounds are actually used to measure weight which is different than mass. You would use weight to
Is the metric volume of a liquid measured in Liters?
This question is true because when you get a milk jug it has litres on it
What is the standard unit of distance in the metric system?
Distance, like every other quantity, has many units. It can be measured in meters, in kilometers and so on. However, the international system of units gave each quantity a specific unit. The other units are all modifications of the first one. Therefo
Is the approximate weight of the can of soup about 300 mL?
The correct answer to this question is A, true. Many popular soup cans such as Campbell's (which is shown in the image) and Unox are 300 ml. Ml stands for milliliters which is used in the metric system as a measurement of liquid. It is such a small a
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