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2ND LAW physics.

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    Compared to a 1kg block of solid iron, a 2kg block of solid iron has twice as much

Newton's 2nd + 3rd Laws

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    A rock is propelled along a straight line in deep space by a constant force. If the force on the rocket decreases by half, its acceleration

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    Newton's second law of motion states that when a net force acts on an object the object will __________ in the direction of the force. 

For each question, choose the option that you think is correct.  The first 4 questions refer to free fall motion.The next 6 questions refer to falling in situations where there is air resistance.

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    In the absence of air resistance, the elephant and the feather strike the ground at the same time.


Newtons Second Law Questions & Answers

Which has the greater mass?
Gravitational acceleration constant of moon is 6.67 x 10^(-11). Since the Force is the same and the gravitational constant on the moon is a lot less, the object on moon is more massive.
What is the stopping power of a 10kg block with an initial velocity of 10m/s which slides 10m across a horizontal surface and comes to rest after 2 seconds?
The answer is not 10 but rather 50 N, You're trying to find a force, and we know that Force=massacceleration, so you need the acceleration. Acceleration = (Final Velocity - Initial Velocity)/Time Final Velocity = 0 m/s (it stops) Initial Velocity
What would be the acceleration of an object if its net force were doubled?
The answer to this is Double. When the net force is doubled, this means that the item may be pushed in a straight line. Since the force that was given is double the usual amount, this means that the acceleration will also be doubled. Acceleratio
What does a 2kg block of solid iron have twice as much compared to a 1kg block of solid iron?
The answer is mass. Compared to a 1kg block of solid iron, a 2kg block of solid iron has twice as much mass. Inertia would not be the correct answer because inertia is a measurement of motion. The question does not mention movement so inertia is inco