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Living in New York is the dream of most Americans due to the opportunities it has and how it is welcoming to outsiders with the promise of growth. Getting a place to live around the city can be a little of a hustle unless you...

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    How old must an individual be to obtain a salesperson license?

For the New Yorkers out there who are stumped on where and what to eat for dinner on this fine evening, you have found the right path to finding an answer. 

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    Who are you hanging out with tonight?

Take this fun quiz to brush up on your Stock Market history!

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  • Sample Question
    What has been the longest-listed company on the NYSE?

New York Questions & Answers

In order to be licensed as a broker, a salesperson must first complete:
The correct answer is 2 yearsas a salesperson according to the book.
How old must an individual be to obtain a salesperson license?
The answer to this is A. You have to be at the age of 18 in order to get a salesperson license. Why do you need this type of license anyway? This will allow you to have the authority to sell items even if you are still young. Let us say that you want
Which of the following duties does NOT require real estate licensure?
1. Sale of a business where there is no real property
The type of legal listing agreement which is least desirable for for the broker is a(n):
Open listing is the correct answer. where can I do practice exam questions for free online?