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Related Topics

  • How long does it take to reach Hawaii from New York?
    How long does it take to reach Hawaii from New York?
    From New York to Hawaii is roughly 5000 miles. How long it takes to get there greatly depends on how you are traveling. By airplane is the most common way as there is an ocean and much land between the two spots. Flying the shortest distance with the least time takes about 9 hours. But, it is worth it as far as tourists are concerned. If you were to take a car or bus to the west coast and then head over the the islands by boat, it would take longer, of course. The big island has about 150,000 citizens and Hilo is the main city there. The population continues to grow but none of the islands are too populated. They don't even get too crowded when tourists are there. And, Hawaiians never seem to get tired of hosting tourists because it is their bread and butter so to speak. Hawaii is amazing. Every island that makes it up have their own individual look and feel.

  • Why did Hawaii take so much time to become a state?
    Why did Hawaii take so much time to become a state?
    Hawaii took its sweet time to become a state. It took from the time they became a territory in 1898 until 1958 to become official. There were many petitions along the way. The reason they became a territory in the first place was due in part to the plantations there and the powers that were trying to avoid heavy taxation or any at all. But through the years, some of the natives bucked the thought of becoming a state. Eventually though, they got many perks they got electricity and a say in the United States government like being able to vote for a Governor into Hawaii. Finally, the vote passed and Hawaii became a state after all their years as a territory and even the years that preceded that. Now, Hawaiians couldn't imagine having it any other way. They are, for the most part, as proud to be Americans as any other Americans are. It just took them longer than most states to get to that point.

  • What time of the year is the best to visit Hawaii?
    What time of the year is the best to visit Hawaii?
    There are many great times to visit Hawaii. In fact, any time of year is great. But, few months are better than others for different reasons. April, May, September, and October and the best months where the weather is concerned. It can get hot in Hawaii and these months tend to be the mildest. If you are looking for the best rates to visit Hawaii, January and February are usually the cheapest. You can get great air fares around that time too. It is generally consiered more of an off season rate. The weather is usually always good in Hawaii so that is really not too much of a factor. The winters are very mild and the summers can lean to the hot side but if you are enjoying water sports, you might prefer for it to be hot. The best time of the year to go heavily dependson what do you want to do while you are there. There are seasons for whale watching and seasons for most everything else. There really is no bad time to visit Hawaii, really.

  • What religion does Hawaii follow?
    What religion does Hawaii follow?
    Hawaii is like the rest of the United States in the way that it doesn't have one set religion. Although the population is generally of Christian belief, that leaves room for Catholics, Baptists, Methodists, stc. But, there are many other religions there. There are Polynisian religions, Jewish people, and just about every other kind of religion you can imagine. There is not a rule or expectation for religion in Hawaii and in fact, many people there are absolutely no religion at all. So, if you are going to visit or move to Hawaii and have a certain type of church you'd like to attend or religion you'd like to practice, you are sure to be accomodated and not judged. In essence, Hawaii is consistent with the rest of the United States in being all about freedom to choose when it comes to such matters as religion.

  • How many volcanoes does Hawaii have?
    How many volcanoes does Hawaii have?
    There are many volcanoes in the state of Hawaii. The island of Five volcanoes make up the actual main island of Hawaii. They are Kohala, Mauna Kea, Hualalai, Mauna Loa, and Kilauea. Interestingly, there are some volcanoes that are never going to erupt again which are called extinct volcanoes. Then there are also ones that are called dormant volcanoes which have not erupted in the course of the past 200 years and will most likely not erupt again or at least not anytime soon. There are also volcanoes that are labeled as being active that are constantly monitored because they could and most likely will erupt at some date in the foreseeable future. Those who visit Hawaii are fascinated by all of the volcanoes, active and not active. The chance to see them is a coveted thing amongst those who vacation there. Volcanoes are to be respected because you never know when an active one will erupt which is something that beckons visitors to go all the more.

  • How many islands does Hawaii have?
    How many islands does Hawaii have?
    Hawaii has seven islands. They are an archipelago of inlets, volcanic activity, atolls, and seamounts in the area of the North Pacific Ocean. The islands are known for their beauty and make up a total of 1500 miles between them. Visitors come from near and far to take part in their dances, eat of the delicious food, see the historical sights, and enjoy the beach, fishing, and to surf the waves. The islanders are known for being very accomodating to tourists. Hawaii was the place of an attack in World War 1, Pearl Harbor, so that is an area that is widely visited for the historical impact. There is a seamount chain that is intriguing because it is a group of underwater mountains that string along around the islands under the Pacific Ocean. The weather is generally wonderful so people flock in to the islands year round. Those who visit usually say they would love to go back because it is difficult to experience all Hawaii has to offer in just one visit.

  • Can you climb volcanic mountains in Hawaii?
    Can you climb volcanic mountains in Hawaii?
    You can definitely climb mountains in Hawaii and that is one of the big tourist attractions. It is not advisable to climb volcanic ones that are active though. People love to experience the mountains by climbing them for the thrill of climbing but also for the beauty on the way up and for the view below once they get to the top. If you want to really do it big, you can go up Mauna Kea, the worlds's tallest mountain of 14,000 almost. It is a dormant volcano to top it all off. There are certain mountains you are allowed to climb and certain ones you are not allowed to climb so you will want to find out which is which before embarking on a climb. Always go prepared too. Never forget to bring along first aid and water and to let people know the route you are planning to take and when you are leaving and when you expect to return. You can run into trouble and even die if you are not prepared for the journey. You can also get a guide to accompany your which, having hiked up Mauna Kea, i highly advise.For those who are physically and mentally up for the challenge, mountain climbing in Hawaii is like no other place. I would rather climb in Hawaii than in some really cold place like Tibet. To each his own climb though. Godspeed on your journey.

  • Who was Kamehameha?
    Who was Kamehameha?
    Kamehameha was a ruler of Hawaii. Actually he was the first ruler of Hawaii. He rules before Hawaii even became a state. Hawaii became a state in the middle of the 1900s. However, Kamehameha ruled Hawaii back in the early 1800s. He was born in 1736 and lived to be about 82 years old because he is believed to have died in 1819. It is not sure where he was buried. He had a large number of wives while he was in Hawaii. He united many of the islands together. He also was involved in the Olowalu Massacre where many residents were killed in this village. Kamehameha had a large number of children due to having so many wives. Most of them died before he did.

  • Why do the Hawaiian people worship Kamehameha?
    Why do the Hawaiian people worship Kamehameha?
    One reason that the people of Hawaii are different in their cultures is because they did not become a state until much later. They governed and ruled themselves for a long time. Kamehameha was the first ruler of Hawaii in the early 1800s. He was thought of to be the monarch or king of the islands. People worshipped him and they still worship him today because he was their first ruler. He was able to unify the islands during his reign. Today, many people still worship through their religion or upbringing the forefathers of their country. It is related to their religion. Just like Christians worship God and believe in Jesus, the Hawaiians worship their leader and ruler from long ago named Kamehameha.

  • How did Kamehamha come to power?
    How did Kamehamha come to power?
    Most kings and queens were born into royalty. They were not elected. Today, royalty and the members of royalty are not elected but either born into it or married into it. The same happened for Kamehamaha who was the first ruler of Hawaii. Today, many people still worship this man who lived to be 82 years old. Back then, in the late 1700s and early 1800s, people did not live that long. He actually outlived many of his own children and wives. He married and had many wives and therefore had many children. He was born to the niece of another ruler of Hawaii which helped him become a ruler of Hawaii. He is known for uniting the islands into one chain.

  • How far is Hawaii from North Korea?
    How far is Hawaii from North Korea?
    Hawaii is only 4,600 miles away from North Korea. However, it’s not the primary target for a North Korean missile attack. North Korea is far more concerned about hitting Washington D.C. Kim Jong Il has actually conducted nuclear tests in North Korea and has plans to hit the Capitol building if America gets out of line in their handling of the situation between the two countries. Considering that North Korea believes that America is unduly and unjustly influencing China to turn against them, this is going to be an interesting question to see play out in modern day politics. North Korea’s government is more concerned about becoming a nuclear power than with trying to improve the country, so sanctions and other actions taken by the UN and the US will make it harder for the Kim regime to stay afloat.

  • How does Hawaii help the US Navy co-ordinate?
    How does Hawaii help the US Navy co-ordinate?
    As a group of islands, it is helpful to have a military base there especially one that is related to water like the Navy. Due to it famous name, Pearl Harbor, everyone knows that there is a military base there. Having the military base there, the military officials who live on Hawaii and are part of the US Navy have jobs to coordinate the Navy and the ships. It depends upon their jobs about how they help the military. Pearl Harbor has a great view of the harbor and helps bring and maintain the submarines and ships. They can help bring in the boats because of their services with the docks. They also help maintain these ships and make sure they are running right.