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Do you know the cold hard facts about Alaska? Is there snow chance of you getting a low score when you take our trivia quizzes about the State? If you know whether King Salmon is a place or something you might have in an Alaskan restaurant then these are the quizzes for you. Don’t worry we won’t be freezing you out if you can’t answer questions like these: Can you tell us which ocean is to the north of Alaska?

In which year did the USA purchase Alaska from Russia? How many miles of tidal shoreline does the state have? What was ‘Seward’s Folly’? If those questions have you puzzled then a major challenge lies ahead when you take our quizzes. But just think how much you’ll learn about Alaska. So what are you waiting for, let’s head to the cold north and find out just how much you know about this great state.

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    What is the Capital of Alaska?

Alaska national parks and the wildlife there

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    Among the fifty states in America, Alaska is the largest in terms of _______.

Brush your knowledge on Alaska with these quiz questions and score a perfect.

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    Alaska has a land area of 570,374 square miles -- where does it rank in terms of total land area compared to other states?

What Character Are You?

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    What prank would you most likely pull?

Test your knowledge of Alaskan geography with this awesome quiz!

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    What is the largest town in Alaska (by population) not located on the continuous road system?

Alaska Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Black and Brown Bears?
Black bears and Brown bears are widely populated in Alaska. Brown bears or Grizzly bears are often bigger than the Black bear as they can grow up to 1,500 pounds. Brown bears residing in the southeast part of Alaska can get bigger compared to the Bro