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Sadly there’s no Fried Chicken up for grabs if you get a high score in our trivia quizzes about Kentucky. Just think how pleased you’ll be though when you can tell your friends what a great score you got. If you can answer questions such as these then you’re going to have a great time in our trivia quizzes all about Kansas.Can you tell us which river forms the northern border of Kentucky? In which year did the New Madrid earthquakes take place? Which famous horse race takes place in the state every year? When did the Black Patch Tobacco Wars occur in the state?

There are lots we can ask you about of course. Whether it’s about the state’s climate, its many national parks, sporting teams or even the famous rock band formed in the state and amazingly called ‘Kansas’ we’ll test your knowledge to the limit.

Take the general knowledge quiz about Kentucky. Kentucky is known as one of the poorest states in America, but this does not mean it is not one of the best states when it comes to derbies and fried chicken. Feel free to check out...

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     What kind of contest was waged by Colonels Thomas Dye Owings and Richard H. Menefee to determine after which of them the town now known as Owingsville would be named? A. A horse race to the Licking River and back B. A grand homebuilding race C. A duel with sabers and tomahawks

Do you know enough about Kentucky? Take this quiz and find out!

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    In which region of the United States is the state of Kentucky located?

Test your knowledge of our beloved Commonwealth.

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    Kentucky, situated on Kentucky Creek, is a village in the New England region of which country?

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    Known as “The Kentucky Rifle” because of his long-range shooting skills, this Hazard basketball star spent his entire professional career in the American Basketball Association.

The students will find out about the geography of Kentucky.This includes the regions.

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    Kentucky is bordered by ________, ________, and________ in the north. On the south, Kentucky is bordered by __________. ________and __________ border Kentucky on the east and _________________borders Kentucky on the west.

Kentucky Questions & Answers

How many different geographic regions are there in Kentucky?
There are six geographical regions in Kentucky namely Bluegrass, Knobs, Eastern Mountains and Coal Fields, Pennyroyal, Western Coal Fields and Jackson Purchase. The Bluegrass Region is sometimes misconstrued as having blue grass, but in reality they
Kentucky is bordered by ________, ________, and________ in the north. On the south, Kentucky is bordered by __________. ________and __________ border Kentucky on the east and...
Kentucky is bordered by Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio in the north. On the south, Kentucky is bordered by Tennessee. West Virginia and Virginia border Kentucky on the east and Missouri borders Kentucky on the west