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Science comes in many forms, but at the heart of it is the power to understand the very essence of the world that we live in. When you're a scientist you have a real grasp on how things work, and how we as humans interact with them. Natural science is the most fascinating branch of science of them all, because it deals directly with the world that we see around us on a daily basis.

Gaining a scientific understanding of nature somehow makes it even more incredible and awe inspiring. If science is the subject that rocks your world, you should take our natural science quizzes today. Do you know the two major classifications of natural science? Which natural science is particularly concerned with the behavior of organisms? Our science brain says that you're going to score highly.
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Nature of Science Pre-Test is a quiz on scientific research and the scientists themselves. If you are interested in either of the subjects, this is the quiz for you. Take it up and see how much you know.

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    All important scientific discoveries are made by professional scientists. 

My persnal Study tests coppied for questions on the Natural Sciences study guide to CLEP Natural Sciences.

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    Bony fishes are members of the class

My personal study guide test to hopefully pass the Natural Sciences CLEP test.

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    When ice melts in equilibrium with its surroundings:

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    What makes an element distinct?

Test for natural Sciences CLEP test for me to study from in hopes of passing for those 6 credits.

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    The spectroscopic (electron) configuration of an atom is [He]2s22p4. Which element is this?

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Natural Science Questions & Answers

What are compounds that have the same empirical formula but different structural formulas called?
1. isomers-for example, glucose and fructose are two common monosaccharides that have the same empirical and molecular formulaschobut different structural formulas. that is, they are both composed of the same number of atoms of the same three element
What was the outermost planet in the solar system in 1996?
1. neptune-plutos orbit is quite eccentric, and at its perihelion (closest approach to the sun) pluto is simply closer than neptune to the sun. for ten years before perihelion and ten years after, plutos orbit moves inside neptunes to make it the eig
What is the empirical formula for this substance? A compound is analyzed in the laboratory and found to be composed of three elements barium, carbon, and oxygen. The molar ratios were 0.504: 0.508:...
1. baco₃-the first answer simply restates the molar ratios and is not in an acceptable form as a formula. the common method is to divide each molar ratio by the smallest of the numbers in the list of molar ratios. in simple problems like this, it i