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KT and RA with TS and TP Question

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     The task of communicating with customers and users to determine what their requirements are.

Dear Students:This test is the second part of the practice test 1 for UMTYMP.It contains 25 questions. You have 10 minutes to complete the whole test. Use your time wisely.No calculators are allowed.We wish you success!Propel...

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    Each of the following figures has exactly twopairs of parallel sides EXCEPT a

The quiz below is a set of simple and short-ended questions, which have been repeated in previous exams. They will help in your revision and also advance your knowledge. Take it up and see how it goes. All the best!

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    Where was the first General Indian Post established?

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What is the number of mutual fund schemes in India?
Its 2000 now. Over 2000 mutual fund schemes offered by 47 mutual funds – and multiple options within those schemes – make it difficult for investors to choose between them.
Is the following true or false? KIM has to be updated every 6 months.
False. The procedure for updating of KIM shall be done at least once in a year and filed with SEBI forthwith. Hence, the given statement is undoubtedly false. KIM stands forKey Information Memorandum as it contains the key information of the scheme
Do high yield bond schemes invest in junk bonds?
The correct answer to this question is FALSE. Companies that have a high risk of defaulting on their interest payments usually have high interest rates on their corporate bonds. These types of bonds are referred to as high yield bonds, or junk bonds
Is the following true or false? As regards wealth tax, ETF Gold is superior to physical gold.
ETF gold is like a promise rather than the real thing. Obviously holding physical gold suggests a need for a heavyweight secure hold for keeping the treasure. It's more convenient for a company to hold it and to provide you with evidence that you 'ow