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What is the difference between GC-MS and LC-MS?
The combination of elements or substances makes a mixture. At times, needs call for us to separate or give account for every element present in a mixture, GC-MS and LC-MS can be used to hasten or ease this identification or separation process. Liqui
What is the correct term for the weight of CA80 Paper?
1. micron-normal non photographic paper is catergorised according to the gsm (grammes per square meter) of the paper stock. for example standard photocopier paper is 80 gsm. the paper used for photobooks through the fujifilm photo creative dpc/phaser
What area of skin is supplied by the deep fibular nerve? Your patient fractures the head of his fibula when he was side-swiped while playing hockey. He presents with footdrop and cutaneous sensory...
Dorsum of foot including 1st interdigital cleft-common fibular nerve runs posterior to the head of the fibula and wraps around the fibular neck, and so is prone to injury if a fracture occurs at this location. the deep fibular nerve supplies cutaneou