Lab Safety Quizzes & Trivia

A lot of activity goes on in science laboratories, whether they're at a school or university, or within a business that is pushing the boundaries of what we know. They can be a dangerous place, especially for a newcomer to the environment, as they contain acids, glass, chemicals, poisons, and much more that could potentially be hazardous. That's why lab safety is so important. Test your understanding of this important subject by taking our lab safety quizzes.

You'll be quizzed on all aspects of laboratory health and safety, as well as being shown warning signs that you may see on labels within the lab. Will you be able to spot the correct meaning hidden within the falsehoods? Good luck with our quizzes, and stay safe.

There are a lot of substances that are found within the lab, and it is essential to ensure they do not get contaminated and accident if any are avoided at all costs. Do you think you are well equipped to carry out safe lab...

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    You have accidentally broken a test tube and spilled a chemical on the table. Which of the following best explains what you should do?

The science lab is full of substances that if improperly handles can be dangerous. When it comes to the lab there are some safety rules that we should follow so that we can avoid accidents or hurting ourselves and those around...

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    Why is it important to know the names and appearance of lab equipment before doing laboratory work?

When you go to high school you get to carry out experiments in which you get to test out hypothesis introduced in class. Below is a test designed for Pylusd Middle School on lab safety and it is designed to test out just how safe...

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    Read and study all procedures for the lab investigation _____.

Direction:  Choose the best answer for the following questions.

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    Flammable materials, like alcohol, should never be dispensed or used near

A laboratory is used for science research related work that may be dangerous. This work is conducted in a laboratory which includes, research, clinical or diagnostic testing and analysis. This is a quiz has been developed...

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    You should never put _________ down the drain.

Lab Safety Questions & Answers

Which of the following best explains what you should do? You have accidentally broken a test tube and spilled a chemical on the table.
The best answer is letter A. Usually at the start of a Chemistry class, the professor teaches the safety precautions to avoid accidents and what the students would do if they will encounter any. When someone accidentally broke a test tube and spilled
What is the correct procedure to follow when smelling the odor of a chemical substance?
C is the best answer to this question. You can fan your hand over the substance so that the smell can start to reach your nose. This will allow you to get a whiff of the substance without sniffing it directly. It should be remembered that sniffing th
When can I eat in the classroom?
In my science class, we are never allowed to eat in the classroom so maybe change that.