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  • What events led up to the massacre?
    What events led up to the massacre?
    Example answer:1. a month or so before the greensboro massacre the ku klux klan had a confrontation with the workers viewpoint party in china grove, north carolina. in that confrontation the wvp burned a kkk flag and forced the klan from having their rally. the rhetoric from both sides became very aggressive, for example the march in the morningside housing project was billed as a death to the klan rally and the leaders of the wvp had publically called out the leaders of the kkk as cowards and threatened them with physical violence. the ku klux klan leader virgil griffin saw this as his chance to prove himself as the leader of the kkk in north carolina and began to make plans to disrupt the wvp rally.

  • What role did the police play in the massacre?
    What role did the police play in the massacre?
    Example answer:2. the greensboro police department had an informant, eddie dawson, with in the klan. dawson took a leading role in organizing the kkks plans to disrupt the death to the klan rally; he encouraged the klan to carry firearms with them to the rally. the greensboro police also choose to take a low profile approach to covering the rally, even though they had inside information that there would be some form of confrontation at the rally. even though there were various television stations covering the rally, there were no uniformed police officers present during the shootout. the greensboro truth and reconciliation commission found the greensboro police department to be negligence in protecting the residents of morningside homes and the protestors both in the ku klux klan and the workers viewpoint party.

  • Perfect 4th

  • The current Chinese Constitution was ratified on December 4, 1982. What is the first line of the Chinese constitutions Preamble?
    The current Chinese Constitution was ratified on December 4, 1982. What is the first line of the Chinese constitutions Preamble?
    1. china is one of the countries with the longest histories in the world.-the correct answer is: china is one of the countries with the longest histories in the world.chinese are very proud of their historical heritage. documented chinese history stretches back some 5,000 years to the xia dynasty. yet what is now considered china was first unified around 221 b.c. under emperor qin who ushered in the imperial era when a number of dynasties ruled over the country. imperial china suffered a sharp decline in the late 19th century and became subject to many western powers who according to the constitution, gradually reduced [china] to a semi-colonial and semi-feudal country. the preamble goes on to praise the revolution of 1911, led by dr. sun yat-sen, that abolished the feudal monarchy, and ironically was the origin of the republican movement that waged civil war against the communist party of china. the communists eventually overthrew the opposing rule of bureaucrat capitalism in the revolution of 1949, under the leadership of mao zedong, whereupon the chinese people took state power into their own hands and became masters of the country.

  • In your opinion what could have been done to prevent the Greensboro Massacre?
    In your opinion what could have been done to prevent the Greensboro Massacre?
    Example answer:3. increase police presence could have prevented the greensboro massacre. the greensboro truth and reconciliation report found that the presence of three uniformed officers at the klan rally in china grove helped to prevent any physical violence in that confrontation. the wvp could have not held a death to the klan rally especially after publically making threats of physical violence toward the klan. the kkk could have ignored the workers viewpoint parties threats and not confronted them.

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