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We got here something that will make you sweat a brand new trivia so take a deep breath fast-paced questions so don’t move like a snail give the right answers and you’ll surely prevail you might be curious about what you’ll have to face that’s no problem let’s cut to the chase. What was the real name of Grandmaster Flash?

Who’s the Hip-Hop artist with the most cash? What year did the legendary Tupac die? You will have to answer all of them and not just try So go and strap up because our trivia is packing. You’ll have to face it you can’t afford to be lacking. Arm yourself with all the knowledge you can. And let’s go see if you’re a Hip-Hop fan!

Testing you on your memory, lyrics, and knowledge of the best genre of music, hip-hop (or rap if you prefer). How well do you know your facts?

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    We'll start with an easy one: The rapper who claims his "daddy" is Brian "Birdman" Williams?

This is just a quiz for all y'all who think you know hip hop. I got some old school rap questions in here, but mostly newer hip hop questions. Have fun!Oh, and try not to cheat by looking these things up. If you do, you'll never...

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    Which of the following is NOT T.I. song?

This Quiz Rocks

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    What Year Did Soulja Boy Come Out With His First Song Crank dat

This is to conduct a quick survey on how well you know hip hop.  THERE IS A TIME LIMIT SO YOU WONT HAVE TIME TO CHEAT AND GOOGLE THE ANSWER.  Kick some knowledge off the dome (just answer as what comes to mind)....

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Hip Hop Questions & Answers

What was public Enemys song that HEAVILY sampled Express Yourself by Charles Wright Titled?
NWA was the group that heavily sampled Charles Wright. They even named their song "Express Yourself" this was not a Public Enemy song.
Which record label did the West Coast rapper Jay Rock recently signed to?
Top Dawg Ent is the actual answer. Those are wrong.
Where does the break in breakin' come from?
The break, dancing to the break, dancing the break in the music, the breakdown, the break in the music, dancing on the break, dancing on the break in the music