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Created for Year 11 students  who need to work on the very basics of Genetics

Questions: 8  |  Attempts: 1248
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    Genes are...

Mark the letter of the letter of choice then click on the next button. Answer will be revealed after each question. No time limit  to finish the exam. Good luck!

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    Which of the following is the mRNA start codon in most cases? 

What do you know about Genes and DNA? In the quiz below you will be expected to answer the questions as best as you can be based on all that you have learned about Genes and DNA, the different types they exist in and their...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 205
  • Sample Question
    We clone human genes to

Demonstrate an overview of the principles of control of gene expression in eukaryotes Demonstrate an outline understanding of transcriptional control in eukaryotes Demonstrate appreciation of differences in gene expression in...

Questions: 22  |  Attempts: 94
  • Sample Question
    Which of the following is the correct term for transgenics?

Questions: 21  |  Attempts: 44
  • Sample Question
    A specific sequence in DNA that determines traits is called

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Gene Questions & Answers

What determines a person's blood type?
Blood typing is a particular way to tell what type you have. Blood typing is done so that you can safely donate blood or receive a blood transfusion. To determine our blood type, a sample is necessary. The test to confirm your blood group is called A
What will be the frequency of crossing over between any two linked genes?
Two sequences of DNA that are found in close proximity to each other within a chromosome. They will most likely remain together. Even though genes change during the meiosis process, in this situation with the genes being linked, it is less likely tha
Can you complete this sentence? Transcription involves the transfer of information from ____________.
The correct answer to this question is A, DNA to RNA. In the process of gene expression, transcription is the first step. Transcription is the process of copying a DNA sequence to create an RNA molecule. RNA polymerases are what carry out the act of