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  • According to Madison, which of the following was the case about the history of democracy in 1787?
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  • According to Madison in Federalist 10, which of the following was true in many of the thirteen states in 1787?
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  • According to Madisons definition in Federalist 10, which of the following would most accurately be characterized as a faction?
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  • People are usually selfish

  • The peopel in government need to be highly educated and trained. They should be the best of the best.

  • If the government what going to help the U.S. economy, they should focus on building more factories. If there are many factories the economy will grow quickly.

  • Government should have complete power over the states.
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  • The states have the freedom to make their own decisions, without any federal government input. 
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  • The Constitution greatly increases the power of the government, therefore creating a dangerous environment for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 
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  • Federalist believed that the executive branch was too powerful in the new Constitution. 

  • The anit-federalist believed that there should be a Bill of Rights in the Constitution.

  • Federalist believed that a strong central government was the best way to govern our new country.