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Executive Branch Questions and Answers

  • The responsibilities of the Executive Branch are explained in...

  • We have had how many presidents?

  • Which of the following is NOT a qualification for the Presidency?

  • The National Budget is presented by the:
    Executive branch question from

  • A salary of $212,100 is paid to:
    Executive branch question from

  • THE PRESIDENT assumes the duties of office(after election)on:
    Executive branch question from

  • Select all of the following that are associated with the Executive Branch:
    Executive branch question from

  • When the president works to plan the next military action taken overseas, he is exercising his power as
    Executive branch question from

  • The Federal Bureaucracy
    Executive branch question from

  • What is the Electoral College?
    Executive branch question from

  • how old do you have to be to become president?
    Executive branch question from

  • which is not one of the requirements to become president?
    Executive branch question from

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