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Can you name the top two leaders of the US Executive Branch? Here’s a hint: they’re hired in every four years! While most school children can, it’s interesting to see how much knowledge of our government can leave us as we get older. Besides the President and Vice President, the Executive Branch is made up of the Cabinet and the US Federal Agencies.

As a whole, the Executive Branch can create, reject and enforce laws, while creating treaties and diplomatic relations with other countries. Should the President become unable to perform his/her job, the Vice President will step in. How many times has this happened in the past? While the US branches of government may seem sprawling and complex, we’ve put all the best elements into our quizzes – perfect for anyone studying their American history or someone that just wants a challenge!

The executive branch is the administrative organ which exercises authority and is responsible for the governance of a state. The executive branch is authorized to perform and impose the law. As per the political principles,...

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    The responsibilities of the Executive Branch are explained in...

This is a quiz about the executive branch. Some questions may stump you so read the question carefully.

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    What is the Electoral College?

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    Select all of the following that are associated with the Executive Branch:

Ok - are you ready for your LAST Constitution Test? Quiz yourself and see...

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    Who is the Vice President of the United States?

Social Studies

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