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A community association manager is a manager who deals with property owners or homeowners. For one to become certified, you need to ensure that you take an 18-hour course and pass the exam. The test below is perfect for helping...

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    What is a Community  Association? 

Describe your quiz in a few sentences

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    Course Placement Tool shows what?

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    So far in 2014, ForRent.com has driven a total of how many leads? 

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Florida Questions & Answers

What is a Community Association?
Real or personal property, owned by two or more entities, with a legally binding agreement for every member/homeowner to share responsibility and maintenance.
What is a Community Association?
An Association is a legal enity. It cannot be simply defined asSpecific rights are granted to the owners. The Association elects a BOD and they in turn will create a set of rights, but the association is NOT those rights. May be poor wording but I h
A Legally Binding Agreement for a community association would encompass the following functions.
How can the answer be E. (A,B, and C), when choice C excludes A and B? It does not make sense.
A Legally Binding Agreement for a community association would encompass the following functions.
The correctanswers are A )provides for governance, business and communal aspects of administration, maintaining and enhancing property B) is structured by formal.legal document that defines property rights