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In which century did Europe first make contact with the state we now know as Florida? What part in its history was played by Juan Ponce de León? Which country ceded Florida to the United States? Where in Florida will Yogi Bear’s Party Weekend be held? In which part of California does NASCAR have its headquarters?

There’s so much we could ask you about the Sunshine State so why not take our terrific trivia quizzes on the state right this minute? How much do you know about the great sports teams that play in Florida, the amazing places you can visit and the rich history of the state? Our quizzes aren’t just great fun to take but you’ll also find them extremely informative. Just imagine how proud you’ll feel when you get a high score.

A community association manager is a manager who deals with property owners or homeowners. For one to become certified, you need to ensure that you take an 18-hour course and pass the exam. The test below is perfect for helping...

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    What is a Community  Association? 

Describe your quiz in a few sentences

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    Course Placement Tool shows what?

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    So far in 2014, ForRent.com has driven a total of how many leads? 

Florida is one beautiful state with lots of expensive properties. It really pays off to be a realtor here. Let's see if you can make one great realtor in Florida!

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    How many consumer members are on FREC? 

In This You Will Learn More About Florida

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    Where is the only living coral reef in the continental forty-eight states located?

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Florida Questions & Answers

What is a Community Association?
Real or personal property, owned by two or more entities, with a legally binding agreement for every member/homeowner to share responsibility and maintenance.
What is a Community Association?
An Association is a legal enity. It cannot be simply defined asSpecific rights are granted to the owners. The Association elects a BOD and they in turn will create a set of rights, but the association is NOT those rights. May be poor wording but I h
A Legally Binding Agreement for a community association would encompass the following functions.
How can the answer be E. (A,B, and C), when choice C excludes A and B? It does not make sense.
A Legally Binding Agreement for a community association would encompass the following functions.
The correctanswers are A )provides for governance, business and communal aspects of administration, maintaining and enhancing property B) is structured by formal.legal document that defines property rights