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  • When a customer asks for a Certificate of Lamp Adjustment in conjunction with clearance of an enforcement form, the adjuster may, if requested, inspect and certify ONLY the portion of the lighting...
    When a customer asks for a Certificate of Lamp Adjustment in conjunction with clearance of an enforcement form, the adjuster may, if requested, inspect and certify ONLY the portion of the lighting...
    If you sign certi. need full insepcton

  • What is the maximum finish sill height of any residential escape window?
    What is the maximum finish sill height of any residential escape window?
    The bottom of the opening shall not be more than 44 inches above the floor.

  • Is the cuisine of California really good?
    Is the cuisine of California really good?
    The cusine of California is diverse indeed. It is good as far as United States food is concerned. It is not, however, as good as the original countries it has food from, like Japan, China, or France. But, it has good food. One of the things it is very good for is serving local foods and foods that originate in California. That is a movement that the state itself started and that is to be respected and it also makes the food taste better because it is fresher. Much attention is placed on seasonality and sustainable ingredients which makes it nice to support such a cause when buying cusine from there. It is definitely good for the economics of the area. The food is also prepared by chefs.

  • What is the difference between California and Oklahoma?
    What is the difference between California and Oklahoma?
    California is the United State's 31st state, while Oklahoma is the 46th state, and is nicknamed the sooner state. California is the top area for computers, is the home of silicon valley, and is known for its eccentric entertainment industry. Oklahoma is the second-largest manufacturer of natural gas in the United States. California has 58 counties, while Oklahoma has 77 counties. The weather of the state of California is the Mediterranean, while the atmosphere of Oklahoma is moderate. California is situated along the Pacific coast, while Oklahoma is positioned in the south-central region of the United States. Oklahoma got its name from Choctaw words, "Okla" and "humma." The state is known for its large population of Native Americans.

  • Why is California so high?
    Why is California so high?
    California is high on everything it seems. From the rent or price to purchase a home there to the food and gas. The reasons are many actually. But the main reason is said to be due to its coastline topography. It is more desired, for one. It is also more expensive to build in such a place. Plus, the jobs offered there tend to pay a pretty penny to people so for those people at least, can afford the prices or at least tolerate them. And, some of it is the fault of the citizens like the ones who just approved a bill which made it possible to charge outrageous prices like for gas in Death Valley. Sometimes the Liberals don't realize what they are getting themselves into it seems.

  • What are the best places in California to live?
    What are the best places in California to live?
    The best places to live anywhere you consider must take into account a variety of things that will affect your daily life, not just the cost. Housing and rent prices throughout California are some the highest in the U.S. Never mind, think of the weather and personal safety, quality of education and lifestyle. It's not just the top spots you see celebrities enjoying, but smaller places where crime rates are low and neighbors are friendly and helpful. Los Alto's prices are very high. And it's in the heart of Silicon Valley. However, homes there will set you back over $500,000, and your neighbors will be earning $100,000 or more. There is also Piedmont and Coronado and Belmont.

  • Why is California better than Florida?
    Why is California better than Florida?
    Whether California is better than Florida is a matter for residents to decide. 'Better' depends on so many factors. Is it a safer place, a more morally right place, or does it just have more sports facilities? To compare the two: California is more expensive to buy a property. It has more beautiful scenery but even worse traffic. (Both are pretty awful for congestion and traffic jams in the cities). It generally costs more to live in California. Both states have great weather and fantastic beaches. Both are usually relaxing away from traffic, and both countries have excellent sports and leisure facilities. In the cities, California does better for public transport. Florida can be somewhat conservative, California is more liberal...and oh, better awareness of healthy eating!

  • Where is California located?
    Where is California located?
    California is located in the United States of America. It is in the southwesternmost part of the map of the US. To the east of California is the state of Nevada. To the west is the Pacific Ocean. Baja California, the Mexican state, is to the south and Oregon is to the north. Arizona is to the west as well. The length of its boundary is 3299 square km. It has islands in its geographical area as well. The coastline is 840 miles long which is the longest coastline of any United States state. The latitude and longitude of California is 37.0° N, 120.0° W.

  • Is the cost of living in California high?
    Is the cost of living in California high?
    The cost of living in California is very high. From the price of gas to the price of food, it is ridiculously high. Even the state taxes are outrageous. If you want to buy property in California, good luck. It is very expensive. Renting is expensive in the state as well. Go out to eat or to a movie and you'll spend half a week's wages unless you work at one of the well paying jobs in the state. Yes, California is one of the most expensive places to live in all of the United States. Some think it's worth every penny though.Others don't feel that way due to some serious problems California has like illiteracy and poverty. Still, such is true with all states just not in the proportion as California has it in.

  • Does California have higher crime rate than other states in the US?
    Does California have higher crime rate than other states in the US?
    California has a higher crime rate than much of the rest of the United States for a number of reasons. One is that the amount of illegal aliens into the country bring the presence of drugs and other non-legal activities. Part of the reason for that is because the aliens are unable to find legitimate legal work and turn to illegal measures to make money. Also, there are lots of drugs in California so the rate of crime goes up due to the violence caused when using drugs and the measures taken to acquire the drugs. There are other crimes as well that occur in California at a high rate such as driving while intoxicated, blue collar crimes, and so forth. California has a large population so that too plays into the picture.

  • Is California always warm?
    Is California always warm?
    California is one of the states with wide range of weather conditions. For most times of the year, California is warm. This is due to the great influence of the Pacific Ocean which most often moderates the temperature creating warmer winters and cooler summers.   Also, the desert to the East of California plays a role in the temperature of California. The wind blows off the desert in the Fall which contributes greatly to a cooler summer. Therefore, excessive hot or cold weather is almost unheard of in this large state. Hope you find this answer useful.

  • Any side marker mounted on a vehicle from the midpoint back must be colored
    Any side marker mounted on a vehicle from the midpoint back must be colored
    California BAR states amber; Item 10 & 11 On each side, one amber located at or near the midpoint between the front and rear sidemarker lamps/sidemarker reflector (pg. lamp 16). the practice test marks it as wrong.

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