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Everything in Texas is so big so we hope the same is going to be said about the score you get in these big trivia quizzes. So if you’re an expert on the Lone Star state we’re sure you will absolutely love trying to answer our questions. Can you tell us just why Texas is such a popular destination for those who study Polistes annularis? If you wanted to do some revision for these quizzes and took a trip to the oldest museum in Texas where would you have to go? Who played the role of Cliff Barnes in the TV series ‘Dallas’?

Don’t worry; we won’t be getting the chainsaw out if you don’t get a good score. Just think of how much you’re going to learn about Texas just by taking our quizzes. No cheating though, these may well be quizzes about Texas but we’ll have none of that JR behavior around here thank you very much. 

Alarm Company Manager & Supervisor Practice Test - This test was created to help me and people I know, and you to practice for the State Exam for Qualified Managers and Supervisors in the Alarm Industry. I created this test...

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    A applicant for a license must be at least 18 years old and must NOT

Texas is popularly known as The Lone Star State to signify its former status as an independent republic, and as a reminder of the state's struggle for independence from Mexico. The people of Texas love their chili and it is...

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    What Releases the fifth wheel locking jaw so the trailer can be uncoupled?  

The questions on this quiz are from Texas Residential Appliance Installers License Exam.

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    Underground PVC conduit shall be not less than _____ from the inside wall of the pool, unless space limitations prevent otherwise.

We took questions from the actual TAKS Test administered to Texas Children in April of 2006.  The test curriculum is designed for middles school students (6th - 8th grade).  Complete the following multiple quiz and see how...

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    MATH QUESTIONS:  At a community center there are a total of 11 tables in the dining room.  Six of the tables seat 4 people each.  Five of the tables seat 8 people each.  What is the maximum number of people who can sit at the tables in the dining room?

Wanna know more about Texas? Take this quiz now and score a full!

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    What US Congressman for the Texas 3rd District resigned in 1991 to become Mayor of Dallas?

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Texas Questions & Answers

How long is a licensed company required to keep records on a employee?
RULE §35.111 Employee Records Licensees shall keep records of all employees registered or commissioned under the Act. The employee records, detailed in this section, shall be maintained for a period of two (2) years from the last date of employm
What must an applicant for a license to engage in the business of a security services contractor or the applicant's manager have, before the date of the application?
The answer to this is C. The person would like to secure a job and get a license in the security services field. Without prior work experience, it will be impossible for the person to secure a license. There is a need for the person to be specific ab