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Meet me in St. Louis? Don’t worry; you don’t have to travel to that great city to take our quizzes about Missouri. But if you can tell us who starred in that film then that’s a good start for sure. Our quizzes will entertain and inform you. So can you tell us exactly how many counties there are in the state of Missouri? Which French leader gained ownership of Missouri from Spain in 1800? Which famous rapper was born in St.

Joseph? Why are you spoilt for choice in Missouri if you want to go to a Federal Reserve Bank? The state of Missouri has a long and varied history. So much has happened there over the years that we could probably spend all day writing questions about it. It won’t take you all day to take our tests and whether you live in Missouri, go there regularly or just love the state, we’re sure you’ll enjoy our questions.
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    How many states border Missouri?

Quiz over recent lesson on Missouri Compromise

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    Missouri wanted to become the _____ Slave state

How well do you know about Missouri? Find out by taking this quiz!

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    Which Missouri city was the convergence of the Santa Fe and Oregon Trails?

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    The eligible age to obtaine an Instruction Permit is _____

This practice test is to help prepare you for the actual Missouri Written Test(s), so when you walk in the Missouri Highway Patrol Examination office, you'll be ready for the test to pass this test the...

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    Under age 16, you may drive only when accompained in the front seat by________.

Missouri Questions & Answers

Which energy sector employs more workers in Missouri?
1. renewables (wind and solar)-the burgeoning renewable energy sector accounts for more jobs in missouri than either the coal industry or the oil and gas industry. • coal: only 23 people were employed in coal mining in missouri in 2010, but if y
How does Missouri’s state park system compare with that of other states?
1. among the top four in the nation-missouri is blessed with a jewel of a state parks system so much so that our state parks have been ranked in the top four parks systems in the nation on six occasions.but sadly, our 85+ state parks face a $200 mil
What percent of the food that Missourians eat is produced within our state (vs. brought in from other states or imported from other countries)?
1. 20%-although missouri ranks second in the nation in the number of farms (108,000), the vast majority of the crops we grow here (like grains and soybeans) are sent out of state. so about 80% of the food we eat must be brought in from other states o
What percent of Missouri’s streams and rivers are unprotected (i.e., unclassified) by state and federal authorities from pollution, runoff and other degradation?
1. 80%-it may be hard to believe, but 150,000 miles of waterways in missouri including headwater streams, many lakes, and intermittent bodies of water, etc. carry the state designation of unclassified. this means unclassified means no designated u