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Denmark Questions and Answers

  • Denmark is a ______ nation.

  • The capital of Denmark is _____.

  • What kind of government is held by Finland?

  • Denmark was one of many countries that actively tried to protect its Jewish citizens.
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  • Who was Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz and why was he important?
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  • Thanks to the efforts of the Danish people, all the Jews in the country were able to escape the Nazis.
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  • If the danish children, got beat up at home, they will be removed by the...
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  • In the 1800’ century, the children had to work a lot.
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  • If you're unemployed, you'll get...
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  • Hvilke kunder er de mest tilfredse kunder, vi har? (Baseret på sidste undersøgelse i maj)

  • Hvem af vores kunder har den største andel, som vil anbefale kortet til andre? (Baseret på sidste undersøgelse i maj)

  • Hvilken service kender flest af vores kunder til?