Cosmetology State Board Exam Quizzes & Trivia

Do you think taking the Cosmetology State Board Exam is easy? Well, think again! It’s not all glitz and glam in this profession! And that’s what we are here for! To help aspiring cosmetologists achieve their goals. Are you in the makings of Estee Lauder, or Vidal Sassoon? Then give our quizzes a whirl!
Do you know the different chemicals in salon products? Do you know the different occupational hazards cosmetologists are faced with every single workday? Try these quizzes which will prepare you for the Cosmetology State Board Exam. If you're not preparing for the exam but are still interested in the subject then you can try our Cosmetology Quizzes.

Are you on the road to getting your cosmetology certification and are now feeling pre-exam jitters? The quiz below is set to help you pass the final exam with ease. Give it a try and note down what you need to revise on. All the...

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  • Sample Question
    In which portion of the hair is chemical wave solution absorbed faster?

How do I pass the cosmetology state board test? That’s the most important question you need to answer this year. We can help! First … Don’t get scared. Get prepared.™ Start by taking a cosmetology...

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  • Sample Question
    What finger position should you use to create round layers when performing a layered haircut?

100 question exam of questions that may be on the State Board Exam for Master Cosmetology. A master cosmetologist cares for the client's skin, hair, and nails. Well, there may be some additional services a master...

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  • Sample Question
    Under-processing is caused by:

Welcome to the practice exam III on Cosmetology. One hundred sample questions that may be on the State Board Exam for Master Cosmetology. Can you clear the exam with 90 minutes just like the state board exam? Well, try to do it...

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following is an important part of a good communication?

The cosmetology state board exams are just around the corner and the butterflies in your tummy just grow in number with each passing day. To ensure you do not freeze up come exam time we have set a couple of questions to help...

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  • Sample Question
    In ancient Rome, middle-class women colored their hair:

Cosmetology State Board Questions & Answers

What is the lifting of the nail plate from the bed without shedding is a sign of?
The question says" The lifting of the nailplate fromthe bed without shedding is a sign of: " onycholysis definition is lifting of the nail plate from the nail bed,without shedding onychomadesis defintion is seperation and falling off of a
Which elevation would you use? A client requests a style with no laters, but angled toward her face.
The question was worded wrong it said "LATERS" when for the answer the question should say "LAYERS"
Where is the nail that grows the slowest located?
Yes thumb finger is correct. Please change the answers if you are trying to make a test people are trying to study on
What stops the growth of microorganisms on non-living surfaces?
Isn't antiseptic something that goes of skin? You would apply this to a cut for example!Disinfectant is what I use at home to sanitise my worktops etc. A none living surface!Surely the answer to this question is Disinfectant.