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How much do you believe in the validity of Conspiracy Theories?

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    9-11 was:

This quiz asks whether or not a statement came from Glenn Beck's mouth, or the Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theory Generator. It's creepy, it's funny, and it's a little bizarre. But at least it's entertaining.

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    "Here's what's happening America: Tax-hiking, liberal socialists are perpetrating an elaborate hoax to replace the Stars and Stripes with a big, flaming rainbow flag."

Over the centuries many conspiracy theories have emerged, and it has always been because a group of people wanted to hide something but also, by people who have witnessed the true facts about something that ended up being...

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    What is the most popular conspiracy regarding President Kennedy's death?

Authors of conspiracies and their believers are often mocked because they are said to be delusional. Most of the time, those who accuse them of being delusional are the ones scared of a reality different than the one they are...

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    How mnay people around the world believe in the chemtrail conspiracy?

Conspiracy theories have always existed and although some of them seem to be far fetched, many have proven to be true (especially the ones that rely on verified but hidden facts). But whether they are true or not, they have been...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 100   |  Last updated: Dec 21, 2019
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    What's the biggest conspiracy regarding British prime minister Harold Wilson?

Conspiracy Theory Questions & Answers

Who was really behind the assassination of Martin Luther King?
Martin Luther King was killed and James Ray convicted for his killing. According to FBI, CIA, army intelligence, Mafia, and Memphis, King was dangerous revolutionary leader. Pepper said that US army Special Forces Snipers were sent at the scene, all
Do CIA fund the Dalai Lama?
Yes. With the confirmation by Los Angeles times and CIA agency itself, it was reported by Los Angeles newspaper, that U.S intelligence release a report exposing how CIA funded for Tibetan exile movement with $ 1.7million for its operations against Ch
Did the earth once rotate on a different axis?
The earth cannot rotate on a different axis. The earth rotates on its own axis to change the axis path would require a big change in an angular momentum which is not possible. The earth rotates on its own imaginary line passing from North Pole to Sou
Was CIA really involved in the assassination of John F. Kenedy?
John F Kennedy was president of United States who died on 22nd November 1963. A classified internal report claimed that spy agency acknowledged the cover up to hide evidence from warren commission and government investigations. The cover up intended