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What is the diameter of a lavatory tailpiece?
The correct answers to this question are A and B. The traditional lavatory tailpiece has a diameter of 1-1/4 inches while modern sinks have tailpieces with diameters of 1-1/2 inches. The lavatory tailpiece securely connects your sink to the waste man
Which Boolean operators should they start with when conducting an Internet search? You have asked students to write a report on How the Civil War Affected the Economy in the South.
The correct answer to this question is C, Civil War, AND Economy. This type of problem would test a person's reading comprehension skills. The teacher is asking the students to write a report on How the Civil War Affected the Economy in the South. I
What size of drain is required for a shower stall?
This is actually incorrect the minimum size ptrap allowed by code is 1 1/2 inch as it has the same number or fixture units on a one head shower arm. 2 inch is the minimum when your fixture load is 2 or more. You should reword this question to suit yo
What is a web browser plug-in?
A program that adds a specific feature to the browser allowing itto play or view certain files