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Defined as ‘the establishment, exploitation, maintenance, acquisition and expansion of colony in one territory by a political power from another territory’, colonialism is something which has changed the way we all live and work forever. The 16th century to the mid-20th century was a period of European colonialism, with Britain, France, the Netherlands, Spain, Russia and Portugal all establishing colonies to bolster their home economies.
The voyages, discoveries, schemes and wars have been studied endlessly by scholars and experts – but how much do you think you know about colonialism? Can you name the different types of colonialism? What’s the largest British colony that still exists today? Where was German New Guinea situated? We know the questions are tough – but that’s why you’re here, right?! Get quizzing right now and test your intellect against our finest quizzes!

Colonialism is one of the phemonema in the history of time. A situation in which a nation exerts authority and domination over another, usually with the notion of exploitation of resources.

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    Which of these is a type of colonialism?

Colonialism, Puritans, early philosophy

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    Ice Age hunters were the first people to migrate to North America.

To get you started Pick the most specific/accurate answer to the following questions

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    Name the scale:

Reading Quizzes A-E for the 2011-2012 IB History of the Americas course at Thomas A Edison.

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    "A Brief account of the Destruction of the Indies" was:

Colonialism Questions & Answers

What is the difference between colonialism and globalization?
Colonialism is a form of domination by military force whereas globalization is a form of colonialism through market force.Harvest 1 Lecture
What is Pastiche?
Something that imitates the style of something or someone else.Cloud Nine lecture 1
How might be understand the process of Othering?
A and BElderbush Gulch Lecture 1