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Colonialism is one of the phemonema in the history of time. A situation in which a nation exerts authority and domination over another, usually with the notion of exploitation of resources.

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    Which of these is a type of colonialism?

To get you started Pick the most specific/accurate answer to the following questions

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    Name the scale:

Reading Quizzes A-E for the 2011-2012 IB History of the Americas course at Thomas A Edison.

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    "A Brief account of the Destruction of the Indies" was:

Colonialism Questions & Answers

What is the difference between colonialism and globalization?
Colonialism is a form of domination by military force whereas globalization is a form of colonialism through market force.Harvest 1 Lecture
What is Pastiche?
Something that imitates the style of something or someone else.Cloud Nine lecture 1
How might be understand the process of Othering?
A and BElderbush Gulch Lecture 1