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Such a wonderful place, filled with passion and the music of all the great classical composers. Austria is one of those countries with a huge tradition when it comes to culture and arts. They gave us composers such as Mozart, Haydn or Schubert and exquisite architecture that lasts to this day.

But let’s test your knowledge on Austria with another one of our quizzes. Can you answer all of the questions correctly? What is the approximate population of Austria today? What was the year when the Austrian Empire was first proclaimed? Austria is a federal republic comprised of how many states?

What is the second largest city in Austria? Get all of the answers right and show us you know everything there is to know about Austria.

Austria is located in Central Europe. Australia is a German-speaking country that is noted for its alpine scenery. The landscape is characterized by alpine villages, rugged terrain, and baroque architecture. There are numerous...

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    Which is the official language of Austria?

Do you know the difference between Austria and Australia?

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    The official language of Austria is....

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    Q1 To prevent vehicle roll during cornering the roll center has to be:

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    What is the speed of the vehicle that needs to be achieved for the acceleration event?

Quiz by: Brianna Williams

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     Austrians attract another person's attention by raising your index finger

Austria Questions & Answers

What would be the distance Y to the centroidal axis XX of the beam's cross-sectional area?
Centroidal is defined as something that relates to the centroid, or that passes through this centroid. In science, there is a neutral or centroidal axis. The neutral axis is perpendicular to the plane. As stated before, the centroidal axis is the one
When should I visit Austria?
In order to get the most out of your visit to Austria, you should decide when to visit Austria. Because of weather in the country vary depending on when you're visiting Austria. The best time to visit Austria is during April - May and September - Oct
Can I travel alone in Austria?
Hi There, Austria is a safe country to travel to. You can travel alone in Austria. But before travelling to Austria you should know some basic requirements. If you are travelling to Austria from another country, you should hold a visa. If you don't
What is the capital city of Austria?
Vienna is Austria's primary capital city, with a population of about 1.8 million (2.6 million within the metropolitan area, nearly one third of Austria's population), and its cultural, economic, and political center. It is the 7th-largest city by pop