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  • Whose third album, released in 1998, was called "Human Being"?
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  • What British group had a #2 hit in the U.S. in 1988 with "Shattered Dreams"?
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  • After what did Del Shannon name himself "Del"?
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  • What African country experienced a 2012 rebellion by Tuareg fighters?
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  • What popular internationally franchised TV quiz show ended in the UK in March 2012?
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  • What author became persona non grata in Israel in April of 2012?
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  • A concert featuring "Satchmo" on trumpet would probably have taken place where?

  • What was the first name of former U.S. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover?

  • What symbol is used by the organization founded by Civil War nurse Clara Barton?

  • Who was on the other end of Alexander Graham Bells first phone call?
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  • What type of object is medicines Jarvik-7?
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  • Jonas Salks vaccine put an end to what dreaded disease?
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