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Many of us put in an awful lot of work to look good, whether that means getting facials, having our bodies waxed and having our skin treated, but have you stopped to wonder what the best products there are to use for...

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following is the largest bone of your hand?

When you ask the question "Is Esthetics the right career for me?" there are a number of things to take into account:Personality - Is there a good match between your personality and chosen career? This can have a...

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    Do you enjoy working with the public?

Welcome to this insightful quiz on the topic of esthetics, the process by which estheticians perform facials, waxing and other skin care treatments on their clients – all in the interest in looking more visually...

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    Which layer of skin is under the ludicdum layer?

This quiz was created to assist in preparation for esthetics state board exam. This is not meant to be the sole means of studying or replace any material provided for the state board exam.

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    What is an alternative to the use of wet cotton pads when cleansing the face?

The human body needs a lot of care and no one wants to see that old age has met up to them. This therefore leads to people visiting doctors so that they may acquire that perfect look. Let us see how much you know about Esthetics...

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    Melanin produce...

Aesthetics Questions & Answers

How many times over PH & will be PH point of 9?
The correct answer is 100. This is because the pH scale increases by a scale of ten. So, jumping two places down means you have to multiple ten by ten. This results in the answer of one hundred. Seven is considered the neutral pH; anything above seve
Which of the following is the largest bone of your hand?
The humerus is in your upper arm not your hand.  The ulna and radius are located in the forearm, therefor the answer is metacarpal bone not humerus.  
What does effleurage refer to, and what is its purpose? Can you name any related techniques?
CEffleurage is one type of massage taught at esthetician school. It involves long, stroking movements performed with the flat of the hand or fingers and is meant to increase relaxation and circulation. The other five types of massage are petrissage,
Which of the following is true regarding vinyl gloves?
So with this question I chose the first answer because the last one did not make sense. It says "have them on hand for client who have latex gloves" but latex gloves what? Now had it said allergy I would have chosen that answer but it did n