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Addition And Subtraction Questions and Answers

  • Claire went to the movie theater. She spent $6.75 on a ticket, $3.00 on popcorn, and $2.00 on a drink. How much money did Claire spend at the movie theater?

  • Ms. DeGourville's class did an experiment on rainfall. They placed two barrels out in the rain on opposite sides of the city to collect water. The table shows the amount of rainwater collected in each barrel. How much more water did Barrel 1 collect than Barrel 2? Barrels                Gallons of Water 1                               2.5                 2                              0.43               

  • What is the sum of 3.875 and 42.48?

  • Gabriella bought a pile of bricks to build a brick wall. Yesterday, she used 5/8 of the brick pile. Tomorrow, she plans to use another \dfrac{1}{4}​174​​start fraction, 1, divided by, 4, end fraction1/4 of the original brick pile
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  • Mrs. Alvarez asked her class how many hours of TV they watched per day (to the nearest half hour). The results are shown on the left table.What fraction of the students watch between 000 and 222 hours of TV a day?
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  • Horacio is working on his science fair project about the heights of fifth graders. His data are shown on the left graph.How much taller is Lucia than Horacio?
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