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When used correctly, webinars can be insanely powerful marketing tools. This is one reason they are quickly growing in popularity among big and small companies alike.

Have you ever attended a webinar? Have you ever presented a webinar? It doesn’t matter if your answer is yes or no, if you think you know a thing or two about them then these quizzes are for you.

How long does the average webinar last? What’s the best time of day to launch a webinar and why? How many individuals are likely to attend the average webinar? Have the answers? Are you ready to get a taste of marketing and advertising? Let’s see if you have the chops! Take these quizzes on webinar’s today!

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  • True or False: I can work on lobbying activities for AFP Foundation. 
    Webinar question from

  • Joe is an AFP Field Director who doesn’t regularly work on policy matters. He decides to go into his Congressman’s district office to discuss repealing Obamacare with the staff. Is Joe lobbying and does he have to register?
    Webinar question from

  • Field Director Maria is visiting Washington, D.C. on AFP business and decides to visit Capitol Hill. While there, she meets with the Chief of Staff for her state’s Senator. Can she bring in some pizzas she picked up with her P-Card to introduce herself to the office?
    Webinar question from

  • In which year does NICE version 8.9 reach End of Support?

  • What are the main drivers to upgrade to NIM? (multiple answers)

  • Management of an Agent's KPIs is part of which NIM solution?

  • What is included in a hosted solution? (multiple answers)

  • What is the main difference between SaaS and Hosting?

  • What are the main benefits for the customers when using cloud deployment? (multiple answers)

  • You can only pay down your utilized IPL when you cash out.
    Webinar question from

  • In the 'Settings' on the IPL page you can tell FanBox which funds to pull from first to pay your monthly processing fee.
    Webinar question from

  • When we top up to specifically pay our IPL fee we have to...
    Webinar question from

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