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Terrorism refers to acts of violence that are intended to stir fear in the society. There are many forms of terrorism and it has been practiced by notorious organizations to achieve their hideous motives. This is why governments across the world have joined hands to rid the world of this horrendous practice. Do you know the impact of terrorism on the mental health of people?
Are you aware of the most devastating terrorist attacks of all times in the history of humankind? Do you know why terror affects people like no other emotion? Glance through our quizzes and assess the depth of your knowledge regarding the menacing world of terrorism.

This quiz will prepare students for their first quiz on the terrorism unit.

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    Which of the following is NOT a cause of terrorism?

Take This Quiz And Learn More About Counter-Terrorism.

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    What was Algerian native Ahmed Ressam caught entering the U.S. with?

Terrorism Quiz?find out with this quiz

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    What Democrat stepped down as vice chairman of the 911 Commission?

This is a quiz for counter terrorism. Can you score a perfect?

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    Who wrote the book "Against All Enemies"?

As the growth rate of terrorism is alarming in some parts of the world, the act is said to have begun from the Middle East of the World. This problem has been spreading across Europe, North America, and Africa respectively....

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  • Sample Question
    Which of these is not a terrorist group?

Terrorism Questions & Answers

Who was the perpetrator who started ISIS and what happened to him?
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who was born Ahmad Fadeel al-Nazal al-Khalayleh founded ISIS. He was born October 30, 1966 and he died June 7, 2006. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was a Jordanian jihadist, he ran a paramilitary training camp in Afghanistan. He was popul
Why did the U.S. fund Taliban in the 80's?
The US funded the Taliban during the time the Soviet Union was trying to invade Afghanistan. The US supported jihad against The Soviet Union. The US supported Taliban funding to prevent the Soviets from spreading their communist empire into the Middl
Why is ISIS called a proto-state?
A proto-state is a political entity which does not represent a thoroughly institutionalized or autonomous sovereign state. A proto-state is also known as a quasi-state. It is a term which meaning fluctuates depending upon the context it is used. The
What does Al-Qaeda think of ISIS?
No. Al-Qaeda and Isis do not like each other. Isis is by a product of the Al Queda in Iraq which was led by al-Zarqawi before he was killed in a US airstrike. Much of the rivalry between the two involves a competition for affiliates, while both tryin