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Technical Skills Questions and Answers

  • What will happen if the below program is executed? #include  int main()  {  int main =3;  printf(%d, main);  return 0;  }
    Technical skills question from

  • Which of the following cannot be a variable name in c?
    Technical skills question from

  • The maximum number of arguments that can be passed in a single function are_________________
    Technical skills question from

  • To go to the end of an info page, press:
    Technical skills question from

  • To go to the next match of a search on a man page, press:
    Technical skills question from

  • When interpreting the SYNOPSIS of a command found on a man page, the “|” means:
    Technical skills question from

  • Which Windows XP feature provides an underlying service that allows Windows and applications to determine when a machine has change network locations?
    Technical skills question from

  • Which category of the Group Policy controls reading data from and writing data to USB/Memory Stick Drives?
    Technical skills question from

  • As an administrator, you find that some unknown IP addresses are trying to make remote desktop connection to your machine and trying to attack it. How will you find which IP addresses are trying to do so?
    Technical skills question from

  • What is the minimum scanning resolution required to scan a standard sized book page with crisp 12 pt text for running through OCR software?
    Technical skills question from

  • What is the minimum scanning resolution required to scan a 35mm slide for creating an crisp 20X30 inch print/poster?
    Technical skills question from

  • What is the minimum scanning resolution required to scan a Large 16 X 20 in. poster for presentation on a webpage?
    Technical skills question from

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