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To make ourselves understood when we speak and write, it's imperative that we understand the basic rules of grammar. One of these rules is the subject verb agreement, and if you make a mistake it can make sentences hard to read, difficult to understand, or even nonsensical. We all know what a verb is, it's a doing word. The subject is the person or thing who is carrying out the verb.

The agreement is what regulates whether you use a singular or plural form of the verb. Does that sound easy or difficult? You can practice your skills with our subject verb agreement quizzes. You'll be shown a series of endings to sentences or phrases, and have to click on the correct one. Each one you get right adds points to your score, and you'll improve your grammatical skills at the same time.
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When it comes to forming a sentence and you are using verbs, there must be a relationship with the subject. This rule means that if a subject is singular, the verb too must be similar; the same case is applied to...

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    Everyone in class (needs/need) to study.

In reading, a good read is one whose flow and diction are smooth. The perfect subject-verb agreement aids this. In other words, it means both the subject and the verb must agree in numbers. If the subject is singular, then the...

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    One of my dogs ___ old.


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    Of all the countries in that area of the world, perhaps Nigeria ___ the most potential.

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    Neil ........... soccer after school.

This quiz is on subject/verb agreement and helps students to practice choosing the correct verb in a sentence.

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    Either the physicians in this hospital or the chief administrator ________ going to have to make a decision.


Subject Verb Agreement Questions & Answers

What is the correct pronoun? Either my aunts or my uncle (is/are) going to be at my party.
IsWhen subjects are joined by OR, the verb agrees with the nearest subject (uncle). To review, see Trouble Spot 4.The sentence has more than one subject.
Which noun should be used here? Some of the grain ____________to be contaminated.
This type of sentence can be confusing most of the times but it is important to remember the subject-verb agreement. Since the subject here is the word grain is in singular form, we must follow the rule of adding s to the verb. So to complete the se
What can grammatically fit here? Everyone in class (needs/need) to study.
1. NeedsEveryone is always singular, so it takes the singular verb needs. To review, see Trouble Spot 1.The subject seems plural but is considered singular.
What is a subject-verb agreement?
The subject of a sentence is who or what the sentence is about. The verb tells what the subject is doing. For instance, in the sentence “The dog barked at the cat,” the subject is dog because the sentence is about a dog. The verb is barke
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