Structure Of DNA Quizzes & Trivia

The structure of DNA is composed of two strands with complementary base pairing, allows cells to do this easily. The two strands can separate, with each strand serving as a template to generate a new complementary strand....

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    Which is NOT a major function of the genetic material?

DNA replication is the biological process of producing one identical replica of DNA from one original DNA molecule. Take this quiz and learn more about it!

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    What does DNA stand for?

Short quiz over the structure of DNA

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    Which of the following is NOT a base found on a DNA molecule?

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    How many DNA molecules are in a human cell?

For UT Biology 204 students

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    What bond links nucleotides together?

Structure Of DNA Questions & Answers

What would you predict the %C (cytosine) to be based on this information? During your summer job at Virotech, you isolate a previously unknown virus. Analysis of its genome reveals that it is...
The correct answer to this question is 36%. In a situation like this with a double-stranded DNA, we know G (guanine) is always complementary with C (cytosine) and A (adenine) is always complementary with T (thymine). Therefore, the percentage of G h
Where is DNA not found?
1. In red blood cells
Will DNA Ligase glue the Okazaki fragments together using a glycosyl bond?
The correct answer to this question is False. A bond is used to glue the Okazaki fragments together, but it isn't the glycosly bond. Instead, the glycosly bond is used to join ring shaped, sugar molecules to another group. This group may be a sugar o