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Related Topics

  • How far is Singapore away from the Equator?
    How far is Singapore away from the Equator?
    Singapore’s distance from the equator is one degree. For this purpose, we need to define the two to fully understand the answer. The equator is an imaginary line around the Earth which constitutes parallel latitude of 0 degree and it is what divides Earth into the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. Singapore is a country located south of Malaysia and has a land area of 719.1 square kilometers. It has a population of more than 5 million people and, although small in terms of size, is the second most competitive country and the third largest financial center in the world. Now, in terms of distance between Singapore and the equator, Singapore lies one degree north or just 137 kilometers from the equator.

  • What was the original name of this stream? There was an early settlement long before the arrival of Stamford Raffles. It was located between the mouth of the Singapore River and a small...
    What was the original name of this stream? There was an early settlement long before the arrival of Stamford Raffles. It was located between the mouth of the Singapore River and a small...
    The name of the settlement I believe must be Fresh Water Spring

  • What do women wear in Singapore?
    What do women wear in Singapore?
    Every country has their traditional garb due to their history. However, people usually don’t wear their traditional country’s outfit. Instead, people wear clothing that is more modern to what normal people wear. Singapore is the same. However, when you ask a person who has never been to a foreign country, they may think that people wear their traditional clothing for their country every day. For instance, in Singapore people who have never been there may believe that they wear cheongsam which dates far back. However, women in Singapore wear more modern attire. They wear jeans and t-shirts during a casual day or at home. However, they may wear a suit or nice dress or pants to work because they need to dress up for that.

  • Was Singapore a British Colony?
    Was Singapore a British Colony?
    Singapore was a British Crown colony between the years of 1946 through 1963 and became part of Malaysia at that time. In WWII the island was returned to the British in 1945, and then in 1946 the Straits Settlements were dissolved, and Singapore, Cocos-Keeling and Christmas islands became a separate Crown colony and was governed by the British. The inhabitants were grateful for the takeover of British rule. At that time so much of Singapore's infrastructure was destroyed, including electricity, water supply, telephone service, and harbor facilities. There was a shortage of food, and there was much malnutrition, disease, crimes, and violence. After much upheaval, the economy and living began to recover. There was a need for tin and rubber around the world and Singapore has that; however, it took many years before the economy returned to pre-war levels.

  • How big is Singapore?
    How big is Singapore?
    Out of all the choices provided, the answer is 710sq/km. Although in exact number, Singapore has an area of 719.1 square kilometer or almost half the size of Los Angeles, California which has an area of 1302 square kilometers. Although it is a small country, the current population of Singapore is a whopping 5,794,876 as of August 16, 2017 and the companies situated here are dedicated to a high standard of delivery and pursuit of quality innovations. It is the second smallest country in Asia situated in the Indian Ocean and located north of the equator, but its location which connects several countries such as parts of Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East gives it strategic importance in terms of trade.

  • What was her name? Stamford Raffles is said to have been devastated when his first wife passed away. Though much older than him and the subject of some gossip that he married her to win the favor...
    What was her name? Stamford Raffles is said to have been devastated when his first wife passed away. Though much older than him and the subject of some gossip that he married her to win the favor...
    Olivia Fancourt

  • What is the cheapest way to travel Singapore?
    What is the cheapest way to travel Singapore?
    Probably the cheapest way to get to Singapore depending upon where you are coming from would be by airplane. You can get cheap flights around the world if you are not committed to a certain time of the year. As a matter of fact, you can really plan a cheap vacation if you plan in advance and plan smartly. A Singapore trip can be the same. If you are wanting to plan a cheap trip once you get to Singapore, you have to also plan in advance. You also have to be willing to miss seeing certain things. This is because you can go to a main place that has many things to do nearby. Then you can walk to the places. Walking is free and you can go to many places.

  • Why did Trump and Kim choose Singapore for their first meet?
    Why did Trump and Kim choose Singapore for their first meet?
    The United States and North Korea have been at odds for many years. No other president from the United States has ever tried to make contact with the leader of North Korea until Donald Trump. They came together and held a summit. They decided to hold it in Singapore. It seemed that this was a quick choice. They didn’t spend a lot of time deciding which country should host their summit. First, they needed a place that was not a strong ally with one country over the other. Also, they didn’t want a country that was on the border of either of their countries. However, Singapore could provide a lot of security and this country also has hosted meetings with top leaders before.

  • Why is gum banned in Singapore?
    Why is gum banned in Singapore?
    There are certain limitations regarding gum in Singapore. Many people have heard about this issue. First, it should not come as a surprise that people get upset with gum chewers. People often spit their gum out and don’t care where it lands. Then it becomes a nuisance for people who step on it without realizing it. Also, Singapore is known for being a country that takes pride in being clean and healthy. Therefore, the ban on gum in this country should not be surprising. However, this does not mean that you can’t have gum. It merely means that you can’t sell it. It seems that it would be more difficult to get if they put limitations on selling gum and not owning it.

  • Why does Singapore so low in press freedom rankings?
    Why does Singapore so low in press freedom rankings?
    Singapore is known for being low in the World Press Freedom. Its rank is 151st when compared to the other countries around the world. Its neighbors are much further up the ranks than Singapore. Japan ranks 67th. Taiwan ranks 42nd and Hong Kong ranks 73rd. It wasn’t that Singapore changed all of a sudden. Instead, this country’s rankings gradually decreased for the past ten years. There have been many issues that relate to the reason for the low ranking in the freedom of press. Some include having issues with the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act that was created a little while ago. Second, there are laws established for fake news. These can cause Singapore’s freedom of press to be more controlled.

  • Why did Malaysia vote out Singapore from its territory?
    Why did Malaysia vote out Singapore from its territory?
    It is not common knowledge about Singapore’s background. The reason is because today Singapore is considered to be a big trading country. It has a lot of tourism and is a powerful influence with the other countries in the world. Coupled with its strong economy and influence, it is hard to believe that Singapore was once owned by a country that seems now as less influential. Malaysia is a country that owned Singapore for a few years. Between 1963 and 1965, Malaysia owned Singapore because it was considered to be a state of Malaysia. However, in 1965, Malaysia voted out Singapore from its territory for a few reasons. The main reason was because there was no trust of Singapore and Singapore was becoming more powerful.

  • Why is business so easy in Singapore?
    Why is business so easy in Singapore?
    Singapore is known for several things. First, there is a lot of tourism in Singapore. Therefore, if you are conducting business that relates to Singapore even if you move into the country to conduct your tourist business in Singapore, it will most likely prosper. There are many business opportunities in Singapore besides tourism. Also, Singapore has many trading connections to other countries. It is often established as a great place for a company’s headquarters, so that the company can capitalize on the transportation, financial and trading benefits that Singapore has to offer. As a matter of fact, a major international bank considers Singapore one of the best places to do business. Therefore, business is actually a very easy way to become successful if you start in Singapore.

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