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The ship has played an essential part in the history of the world, and its origins go back much further than most people think. From our earliest ancestors making mud and reed coracles, to Columbus sailing the ocean blue, we've relied on ships for food, trade, adventure, and fun.
Whether you're a history buff, a military expert, or somebody who loves to hop on board a boat whenever they can, you're sure to love our ship quizzes. Can you guess how many ships were there in the world in 2011? Which historical character was known as 'the face that launched a thousand ships'? What was the name of the ship that saw the end of World War Two? Ahoy there, shipmate, it's time to test your knowledge. 
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Ship Knowledge

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    What does MEK stands for 

Take this quiz to learn more about ship!

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    What was the largest Battleship ever built?


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     What welding process uses CO2 to cool down the welded part between 2 parent metal?         

What do you know about our ships?

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    Types of shipboard firefighting systems include Fire mains, Automatic sprinklers, Halon 1301, Co2 Systems, International Shore connections and

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Ship Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Ocean Liner and Cruise Ship?
If you have ever taken a cruise on the ocean, especially recently, then you have probably been on a cruise ship. You sailed miles over open waters to a port in a tourist city on the coast. You had less than one day to explore that city before you had
What is the only country to utilize paddle wheel propelled aircraft carriers?
The correct answer to this question is the United States. It is important for all aircraft operators to be trained properly. During the era of Pearl Harbor, the carriers the navy had couldn't be spared for training because an attack could happen at a