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What was the first? How about what currently goes the farthest? Which one among them is the fastest? Do you want to know what we’re talking about? We’re talking about trains! If you carry a lot of information and facts about trains, then let us not put them to waste! If you are searching for another trivia challenge to work your memory out, this is the right trial for you!

Just follow the tracks and surely we will transit you to the right place! Take these educational quizzes! Don’t let yourself off steam! Standing behind the yellow line is over! The trip loaded with tons of trivia has just arrived! Your knowledge is your ticket! Hop on and take the tour smart traveler! Enjoy and good luck! 

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    What is Cross Country's new name?

Electric locomotives came about in the 1800s as an alternative to steam engines. While they caught on in Europe as a great substitute energy source for steam engines and diesel trains, the US still widely uses diesel. How much to...

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    Who built the first known electric train in 1837, running on DC battery current?

A fun quick and easy way to learn about the trains in the 1960s.

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    What is the name of the first ever high speed train?

This quiz is determine what kind of train rider you are. Take the quiz, and it will determine what kind of train rider you are!

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    How long have you been riding freight trains?

Instructions: Please complete the following questions and return to East St. Louis Central Dispatch (ESTLCD) by Friday.

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    If you are off one day for your next work assignment you: (Select all that apply)

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Train Questions & Answers

When was the first train started in the world?
Railway started in about the 6th century BC in Greece. Evidence shows that there was a track of 6 to 8.5km from Isthmus to Corinth that was used to transport boats. These wheeled vehicles were pulled by men and animals helped the wagon to stay on tra
Who invented the first train?
A much faster and more efficient mode of transportation was something that people tried to conquer as soon as a more modern form of civilization came about. And it was only in the last couple of centuries that this was achieved in certain level along
What is the world's most luxurious train?
Possibly the most luxurious train in the world is the Palace on Wheels. This high luxury train truly gives the feel of a “palace” put on wheels. Their interiors that are plush with soft comfortable seating gives you the feeling of extra l
What is the cleanest railway station in the world?
The cleanest and most wonderfully kept train stations need to be recognized. Along with the struggle of travel, and all the discomforts associated with traveling long distances, it is good to consider clean and convenient railway stations. The top