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There’s a lot that can be associated with the word “taxi.” Most people think of little yellow cars and angry New Yorkers when they think of taxi’s. But Taxi was also a TV show in the late 70s and a movie back in 2004. If you’re a taxi buff in any of those three areas, you’re going to enjoy these quizzes.

The American sitcom Taxi won how many Emmy awards in its 5 year television lifespan? What are the four distinct forms of taxicabs? How are people charged for riding in a taxi? Questions like these and more are just waiting to stump your knowledge about Taxi. Are you up for the challenge?

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        Chicago Metropolitan Correction Center- 

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     Apollo Theater –

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    Bernard A.mitchell hospital 

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    Which of the following  POI Would you encounter from Pullman Historic District to  UIC/Rush Medical Center

This is extensive qime

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    34. The Allegro Hote1 is located to

Taxi Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Taxi and Uber?
Things are changing with time, which was considered new and best now becomes old and archaic. The taxi industry which used to be the first choice of almost any in-city journey is now fading away as some app-based, and digital-minded innovation &ldquo