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What are the four types of interstate interchanges?
There are four correct answers to this question, which are: A. Cloverleaf- eliminates left turn and cross-traffic. With this interchange, ramp roads handle the left turns. It is an interchange, which as two levels. B. Diamond-little traffic crosse
Is it true that most rear-end collisions are caused by the vehicle in back traveling too fast?
This is false because the one who will be at fault will be the car that stopped suddenly. The car at the back has to be traveling fast in order to hit the car. A lot of cars are able to avoid this type of accident because they are traveling at a norm
Which one must yield the right-of-way when two cars meet at the intersection of a two-lane road with a four lane road?
The best option for this question is letter C. If there are two cars that are going to meet at the intersection, the car on the two-lane road should yield so that the other vehicle will be able to pass through. The other options may not be ideal for
What is the difference between PCL and PS Drivers?
Both PCL and PS Drivers are page description languages which are used by the printer for printing documents. PCL is developed by Hewlett Packard, while PS Drivers or Postscript is developed by Adobe Systems. While postscript is used mostly for laser