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  • What are the three laws of robotics?
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  • Why does Spooner think robots dont really help people?
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  • Why does Spooner get called to USR?
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  • What is "center of gravity"?

  • What is the support polygon?

  • Which of the following bots is more stable?A.  B.  

  • _____________________ is a tiny computer that acts as the robots brain and contians the computer program.
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  • ___________________ is a set of coded instructions the robot must follow.
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  • _________________ is the robots mechanical system.
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  • When used in robotics, what does PID stand for?

  • When using PID, you should not set your motor’s power to 100 because

  • What should Motor B do if you stopped Motor C with while using Motor Synchronization?  (Assuming that Motor B is the master motor.)