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Electromagnetic waves travel through space in a process called radiation. The term comes from the radiating motion, where the waves travel outward in all directions. Did you know that there are three less common forms of radiation? They are called chaotic, coherent, and parallel. Can you name the machine that is used to measure radiation levels?
Do you know the name of the small meter that people wear to measure personal exposure? Did you know that most of the time when we talk about radiation, we mean ionizing radiation? It can cause cancer and many other problems. What most people don’t realize is that non-ionizing radiation can be harmful as well, although not as much. If you think you know a lot about radiation and other physics topics, then try out our quizzes and see how smart you really are!

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  • Infrared radiation is sometimes called?  

  • It extends from the nominal red edge of the visible spectrum at?  

  • Most of the thermal radiation emitted by objects near room temperature is?  

  • What is a black body?
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  • The amount of blue light (475 nm) in this spectra is most closely
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  • The wavelength that produces the maximum amount of light (λmax) in this spectra is most closely:
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  • Convection is heat transfer that occurs by touching the heat source.

  • The sun is the main source for radiation heat transfer.

  • What is very important for moving heat through the atmosphere and oceans?

  • Which of the following radiation is an electromagnetic wave?
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  • Lead can block which type of radiation?
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  • What apparatus is used to measure radiation?
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