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Presidency is a governing ideology that revolves around a centralized person leading a group of people. Presidency doesn’t have to be just in a government – it could also be the president of a university or a club. Can you guess how much the President of the US makes per year? It’s less than most sports athletes! Around the world, Presidents and Vice Presidents are compensated mostly the same, but Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe, is the lowest paid president, earning only $27,000 per year.
In Russia, the president is elected every six years. Unlike in the USA, Russian presidents can hold the office more than twice. The President of Iceland can serve an unlimited amount of terms. The world of presidency is fascinating – no two countries are the same! If you’re ready to test your world knowledge of presidents, try your best at one of our Presidency quizzes! 

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  • Which of the following statements most accurately describes the presidents power to get his programs enacted?
    Which of the following statements most accurately describes the presidents power to get his programs enacted?
    The president must rely heavily on persuasion to get things doneBecause the constitutional powers of the president are sketchy, he must rely predominatnly on persuasion, rather than power, to get things done.

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