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PDG for NCOs

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    What did the National Defense Act of 1920 do?

Questions from the Enlisted History section of the PDG.

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    Lack of success may have more to do with  __________  than intellectual ability.

This is information taken from chapters 2 through 19 of the 1 October 2011 PDG (AFPAM 36-2241). Each question has a feedback/explanation section with further information on the answer as well as Wikipedia links to important...

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    What is the name of the fort that was located on Liberty Island (Also known as Bedloes Island) in New York Harbor? (2.1)

Questions from the PDG i need a little extra help with :)

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    The fifth overall MiG-21 kill during Linebacker II in Vietnam went to whom?

Chapter 1 Studying Effectively

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    To study most effectively, remember

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PDG Questions & Answers

Who was the only African- American, referred to as the "Black Swallow of Death"  to serve as a pilot during WWI?
Corporal eugene bullard-the son of a georgia former slave. as a member of the french foreign legion, he earned the croix de guerre (one of 15 decorations from the french government). he completed training and joined the lafayette escadrille. despite
What did the National Defense Act of 1920 accomplish?
Called for an air arm of 16,000 enlisted men and established the basic grade structure the Air Force uses today
How many Aero Squadrons were fully equipped when the US declared war on Germany on 6 April 1917?
One-2.5.2. by 1916, a second aero squadron was added, assigned to duty in the philippine islands, and new training facilities were added. in october 1916, plans were laid for 24 squadrons: 7 to serve with the regular army, 12 with the national guard,
What Operation took place in the Takur Shar mountaintops, and is also referred to as the battle of Robert's ridge?
Operation anaconda -senior airman jason d. cunningham was one of the seven killed. cunningham earned the air force cross, presented posthumously, for giving his life heroically. despite mortal wounds, he saved 10 people, and made it possible for seve
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