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The newspaper gives us information about what is happening outside our home, or recent events that take place millions of kilometers from us. So, it is important that we should know where in the newspaper will that certain news...

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    Part of the newspaper that provides news about activities of different Religious sects and list of people who died with their burial information:

Ha, Ha, this quiz is not for the newspaper you just read.  Instead, it will test your knowledge of newspaper terms and journalism concepts.

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    The line that contains the author's name is referred to as

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    Entrepreneurs often work long hours, but they enjoy great job satisfaction.

The Grapevine cross  bears historical facts about the Georgian Orthodox Church. It's becomes more interesting finding out how this cross really looks like. If you are sure of your knowledge of this cross, try out this...

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    What is the Grapevine cross also known as?

Take this quiz and find out which newspaper do you read?

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    Who was an American newspaper magnate that built a media empire?

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Newspaper Questions & Answers

Which of the following contain news from across the country?
The more appropriate answer would be national news 3. It ask "across the country" which means extending to the entire nation and not outside of the country,
What extent do you agree with the following statement: "This story clearly challenges gender stereotypes"?
1. neither disagree nor agree.-the story does invoke certain stereotypes: that women are mainly interested in fashion and appearance; that women are trivial rather than serious. on the other hand, the statements from leal, calvo and salgado refute th
Would this story be useful for further analysis?
The news reported in this story is open to many different interpretations and could be handled in many different ways. what was the motivation of these ministers? what did they achieve? what did they lose? almost nothing is said about the content of