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Have you ever picked up a newspaper to find out the newspaper to find out the latest gossip, or watched a television to see the latest news? Well, that my friend is what these quizzes are about. The ways in which we receive news will be the subject of these quizzes, and you will be the proof!

Show us that you know about mass media by taking these simple, yet informative quizzes on all things newsworthy! Some questions will be on newspapers, television, books, magazines and more! There's something for everyone from all walks of life in here!

Whether you love it or hate it mass media has a huge impact on society and everyone who lives in it. People model their lives after the mediated versions they see presented to them by companies. How much do you know about this...

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    Examples of mass media are:

Test la competenta in mass media

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     Comunicarea interpersonală presupune:

The quiz is aimed mainly to 14 year old students. It is an introduction to the media which is dominantly influencing students today.

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    Il-kelma "mass media", tfisser:

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    True or False?       Comedy is a film make by photographing a series of changing drawings.

Study guide for the Electronic Mass Media History and Analysis Quiz. All questions are fill in the blank.  Please answer in the following fashion:"The three primary colors are _____________, _______________, and...

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Mass Media Questions & Answers

Who said, "The President of the United States will not stand and be questioned like a chicken thief by men whose names he does not even know"?
The correct answer is option A. Herbert Hoover made the statement. He was an American engineer, business man and a political leader. He served as the 31st president of the United States from 1929 to 1933. Lyndon Johnson was the 36th president of the
Which of the following statements is true?
The amount of information available through the news media has decreased
Which of the following statements regarding the impact of the internet is false?
Most Americans utilize the internet widely for detailed information on politics