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Those of you out there who find yourselves plunged into the world of nursing studies, particularly in the field of paediatrics, will take solace knowing that this quiz is made especially with you in mind! Want to know how...

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    The parents of a child, age 6, who will begin school in the fall ask the nurse for anticipatory guidance. The nurse should explain that a child of this age:

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    Ms. Castro is newly-promoted to a patient care manager position. She updates her knowledge on the theories in management and leadership in order to become effective in her new role. She learns that some managers have low concern for services and high concern for staff. Which style of management refers to this?

Welcome to the NCLEX Psychiatric Nursing Trivia Questions Quiz. Hey learner, you are welcome to this extended review test of what you have learned so far in preparation for NCLEX Psychiatric Nursing. It has questions from the...

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    Which nursing intervention is best for facilitating communication with a psychiatric client who speaks a foreign language?

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    Which of the following would be inappropriate when administering chemotherapy to a child?

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    Situation: Knowledge and skills in the care of violent clients is vital in the psychiatric unit. A nurse observes that a client with a potential for violence is agitated, pacing up and down the hallway and making aggressive remarks. Which of the following statements is most appropriate to make to this patient?


NCLEX Sample Question Questions & Answers

Which of the following agents along with Succinylcholine(Anectine) is used to decrease the likelihood of bradyarrhythmias in children during endotracheal intubation?
The correct answer to this question is C. Succinylcholine is a skeletal muscle relaxant given in an IV in addition to general anesthesia to facilitate tracheal intubation, surgery or mechanical ventilation. The use of succinylcholine can have negativ
Which nursing response is most therapeutic? A client with obsessive-compulsive disorder is hospitalized on an inpatient unit.
Accepting the client’s obsessive-compulsive behaviors A client with obsessive-compulsive behavior uses this behavior to decrease anxiety. Accepting this behavior as the clients attempt to feel secure is therapeutic. When a specific treatment plan i
A nurse is working with a client who has schizophrenia, paranoid type. Which of the following outcomes related to the clients delusional perceptions would the nurse establish?
1. the client will demonstrate realistic interpretation of daily events in the unit. -a client with schizophrenia, paranoid type, has distorted perceptions and views people, institutions, and aspects of the environment as plotting against him. the de
What is the main reason for administering allopurinol as part of the client's chemotherapy? A child is undergoing remission induction therapy to treat leukemia. Allopurinol is included in the...
Allopurinol is a medicine with one purpose. It decreases the uric acid that is produced in your body. When the uric acid builds up too much, it can cause kidney stones to produce. These are very painful. So, even though this acid is naturally created
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