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Which of the following components should the customer have to proceed? A client has a small office network. The customer would like to create a virtual LAN on their network.
A. The customer should have a switch. B. The cusotmer should have a modem. C. The customer should have a server. D. The customer should have a switch. What is the difference between A and D? For a VPN, will need some sort of autentication like
What command do you use to test the TCP/IP stack on a computer?
You can decide on either A or C because they are the same. Ping Localhost is the correct answer to this. This is the command that you can use if you would like to check if the other terminal can be contacted. It can also be useful in checking out the
What model promises the most processing power?
The underlying concepts of all these processes are the same but there are some that are stronger than the others. Distributive computing is known to be strong. This studies the various networks that are found in various networked computers. This is s