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Working for Microsoft can be a dream-come-true for IT enthusiasts everywhere. But where’s the best place to get your foot in the door and get off to a great start? Why, obtaining your Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certificate of course! If you’re new to IT, Microsoft will even introduce you to the world of information technology with their MTA certification for new entrants. Do you have the core technical skills required to build a sustainable career in IT?

How many MCSA certifications are there? Will earning an MCSA certification help someone earn their MCSE certification later on? What is the difference between the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification and the MCSA: Windows Server 2008 certification? Does an MCSA expire? If you don't already know the answers, there’s only one way to find out…take these quizzes! 

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  • What is the full meaning of UAC? 

  • When was the Beta version of Microsoft AntiSpyware released? 

  • Which of these is designed for protection against spyware? 

  • When was Windows XP released for retail sale?
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  • What operating system preceded Windows XP?
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  • What operating system succeeded Windows XP?
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  • Your company needs to implement enterprise storage solutions using both iSCSI and fiber channel storage devices using Windows Server 2016. You have been asked to provide a solution that will help to automate management of both types of storage devices. Which feature should you use? 
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  • Your organization has a data center that is using Windows Server 2016. You need to review the level of access that administrators have for virtual machines in order to ensure that each machine is accessible only by its administrators. Which feature will you use? 
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  • Your company has a single-purpose web server used to deploy web applications and web services. This server runs a Windows Web Server 2008 edition. You plan to upgrade this server to Windows Server 2016. Which of the following Windows Server 2016 editions will you use? 
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  • after promoting server 2012 to domain controller, where is the ntds folder located?

  • which operation master roles (fsmo) must be located in the forest?

  • which of the following microsoft operation systems (editions) include a license that allows you to create a unlimited number of virtual instances?